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Mass Effect Modding Master Post

2013-12-08 20_16_55-Mass Effect 3

***This page is no longer updated – Visit my NEW mods site at mods.girlplaysgame.com!***

Here are some mods I created for you to use.  Great thanks to Ele, Otte, and Voodoo-Season for the base files and knowledge I used to create many of the looks!


Eventually, I’ll upload descriptions and photos to my blog in this master post, but if you want updates as I go along, please follow my Tumblr page.

If you don’t know how to use these mods, read my tutorial for ME: Advanced Modding Made Easy.  If you’re having problems, please check out the FAQ or Ultimate Modding Guide.

Femshep Armor and Clothing Mods
MShep Armor and Clothing Mods
Femshep Hair & Face Mods
MShep Hair Mods
NPC/Squadmate Mods
Fun Environmental Mods
Experimental Mods

If you use these mods, please consider donating to girlplaysgame.com – I love being able to provide all these mods to you guys for free but I could really use some help maintaining the site. Thanks for your support! :)

And, if you want to learn how to mod Mass Effect for yourself, check out my comprehensive tutorial here:

2013-11-12 14_41_03-Mass Effect 3

*Hair meshes come from Apachii Sky Hair for Skyrim and SG Hair Pack for Skyrim.  Check them  out to see if there is a style you want ported to ME3! 



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