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I started this gaming blog in 2011 (crazy!!!) when I was just a 20-something girl obsessed with video games. At that time, I had all the time in the world to play them … and mod them! Now, I’m a 30-something girl with two little babies so I don’t have the same kind of time for gaming as I used to. But, I’ll still post whenever I can and keep this site up so people can continue to download my mods.

My preferred console is Xbox, though I do play on PC for the sole purpose of modding. ¬†Feel free to send your GT to me at girlplaysgameblog@gmail.com if you ever want to play together! The only multiplayer game I’m currently playing is Fortnite.

Last game played: Resident Evil 3 remake, Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey
Currently playing: Love Nikki, Fortnite
Playing next: Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, Cyberpunk 2077
Favorite game series: Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Bioshock
Favorite farming game: Love Nikki
Favorite RPG: Skyrim, Final Fantasy
Favorite Old School Game: KOTOR, Maniac Mansion


  1. Would it be possible to get more short male shep hairs available for download? I love making me femshep pretty but my male shep is just lacking in hotness. I also wish that the Gabriel mshep headmorph was still available, sigh,

    • OMG me too – I scoured all over the web for it, but alas. I’ve tried to duplicate Gabriel in the character creator but I think you need the custom texture for it to look right! I’ll try to squeeze in some more mshep hairs before Nov 7 :D

  2. Only just discovered this awesome girl! Keep it up ;) also in your ‘hot fallout 4’ character creation, can i use the same sliders for xbox one?

  3. No problem, 90% of the games you list as your favourite are also mine! Looking forward to reading your updates and posts, i’ll be sure to share them on my pages :)

  4. Hey GPG! I’ve been a big fan of your Mass Effect mods. Just curious if you have the time and drive to do mods for Fallout 4? I swear your hair mods would be top of the month QUICK-TIME!! on the nexus.

    p.s you rule.

    • I would if I could! I don’t think you can make new hair mods until the GECK comes out for Fallout 4 but I dunno …

  5. Can you find legit hacks for the IOS game = Covet Fashion? I’m guessing no since no one has but if anyone can it might be you.

  6. do u have any hack for high school story or hollywood u? there are only scams on the internet that i find..if there is anyone who can do it, i know its u..great work on the other game hacks!!

  7. Hello, I’ve used your tips on Paradise Cove and Fallout Shelter. Thanks so much! My current obsession (nemesis) is sim city Buildit. The game is designed to give fewer and fewer resources as you progress in level. All of the tools I’ve found online are frauds. Do you have any suggestions?

    Thanks much

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