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Mass Effect: Experimental Mods


Here are some caps of my unfinished and experimental failures mods.  If there is enough demand to finish any of these, I might.


1.  Mysterious Kaidan

Yeah, too much clipping in the hood to make it a usable mod, but it looks pretty Assassin’s Creed-y in pics :)


2.  Mordin Resurrection Mod

Replaced Jacob in the Citadel DLC with Mordin because let’s face it, Mordin is 10000000x mo’ betta.


3. Replace Diana Allers with Emily Wong Mod

Ugh could I loathe any character more than Diana Allers?!  This mod would take a lot more work (like replacing that hideous dress) so …


  1. Love the Mordin idea…was never a fan of Jacob. Wish we could have a Thane Resurrection. LOL. With ThaneMod, Thane can live, just haven’t been able to get him into the Citadel DLC yet. But, I would definitely do the Mordin Mod if you finish it.

  2. I wonder could You perhaps replace Garrus in Citadel DLC Tango scene with Thane? I would love to see that but sadly I don’t have any modding skills so I can’t do it myself:(

  3. It was worth asking;) maybe someday someone from BioWare will read all those asks and provide us with a toolset;) btw I think your skills and what You did with all those textures is amazing:)

  4. About Emily Wong. Is it possible to create an in game email with her pre-launch twitter messages? Starting here…
    AllianceNewsNetwork ‏@AllianceNewsNet 5 Mar 2012
    Hi, everyone, this is Emily Wong with FCC News. Apologies for text-only feed! #solcomms
    …Perhaps Diana Allers can relay the message one you recruit her.
    it would be alot simpler than trying to switch her with Allers.

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