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Mass Effect: MShep Hair Mods

***This page is no longer updated – Visit my NEW mods site at mods.girlplaysgame.com!***

The days of ugly MShep helmet head are over, rejoice!  Here are the hair mods I’ve made for Mass Effect 3, basically just hair ported from the Sims (credit).  Instructions to install included in each .rar file and also at the bottom of this post.

If you use these mods, please consider donating to girlplaysgame.com – I love being able to provide all these mods to you guys for free but I could really use some help maintaining the site. Thanks for your support! :)

Download all my mods here.

2013-11-14 14_56_54-Mass Effect 31.  Mshep Flop Hair

Let’s be real – I rarely play as MShep because a custom MShep is usually ugly as sin.  NO MORE!  What started as a joke mod morphed into an “OMG I would definitely kind of hit that” … and thus the first MShep hair mod was born.  REJOICE.


2.  Pompadour Shep Mod

One part punk rock, one part Elvis, a thousand parts sexy.


3.  Anders Hair Mod

If you’ve ever played Dragon Age, you know what I’m talking about.


4.  Leon Hair Mod

Leon Scott Kennedy looks good in the Mass Effect universe!


Included in .rar:

.tpf file*
.PSK file


I included the PSK file for anyone who wants to mess with it in 3DS Max, but otherwise, you won’t need it. The .pcc file is required if you just want an easy, quick install.

Required Programs:
ME3 Explorer
Gibbed Mass Effect Save Editor


Easy Instructions (using .pcc):

  1. Paste the BIOG_HMM_HIR_PRO_R.pcc into your game’s CookedPCConsole folder (BioGame\CookedPCConsole).
  2. Skip to Step 8 under Manual Instructions!

Manual Instructions (using .psk):

  1. Open ME3 Explorer.
  2. Open Meshplorer (Developer Tools > Mesh > Meshplorer)
  3. Load the PCC (File > Load PCC )
  4. Open the BIOG_HMM_HIR_PRO_R.pcc file located in your game’s CookedPCConsole folder (BioGame\CookedPCConsole).
  5. Click on the hair you want to replace – HMM_HIR_Fsk_MDL. (You can replace other hairs but they can cause crashing issues so unless you’re experienced, just follow my instructions exactly).
  6. Go to Transfer > Import from PSK … a new window will open. Select the .PSK file.
  7. A little popup should say “Done” after. Now you can close Meshplorer.
  8. Go to Tools > Tocbinupdater in ME3 Explorer.
  9. Go to File > Check PCTocbin and select your PCConsoleTOC.bin file located under your game’s BioGame folder.
  10. It should find an update and a popup will ask you if you want to update it – click yes.


Follow these directions to edit your hair in Gibbed using this information:

Hair Mesh: BIOG_HMM_HIR_PRO_R.Hair_FormalSpikes.HMM_HIR_Fsk_MDL


12. Open Texmod and load the .tpf (detailed instructions for complete n00bs here)


If you use these mods, please consider donating to girlplaysgame.com – I love being able to provide all these mods to you guys for free but I could really use some help maintaining the site. Thanks for your support! :)



  1. OMFG LEON S Kennedy!!! i would never thought of that nice one
    P.S a total nobbie here but really i just somewhat found out about mods for Mass Effect 3 ( my ALL TIME FAV game ) and just fell in love with ur mods so i have Gibbed already new that one use it like 100 times LOL i have the ME3Explorer and the TextMod so i should be set

  2. is there a easy way to talk to u like help me with this becuz i messed up but good thing i made a back up of the enitre folder

  3. if its not to much to ask can u make a Vid on how to do it and
    and ps when i change the armour and go into the locker to change me game freze anyidea y?

    • Sorry, I really don’t have the time or resources to make a video tutorial – if your game freezes, it’s probably because you didn’t update the pcconsoletoc.bin file.

  4. Thank you!! The “anders” is just awesome! finally some proper longer hair for Maleshep!
    [btw, does someone know how to edit hair meshes in ME1 to get the femshep ponytail on maleshep? Thanks :) ]

  5. Can you please give a face code of character on screen’s? And where is leon hair, i can’t find this file in list of all mods, only pompadour, andreas and flop.

    • I took the Leon hair down to make some fixes – I’ll put it back up shortly. If you visit my mod tutorial FAQ’s, you’ll see how to get the same face as my Shepard using my headmorph and custom texture … you can’t achieve the same look with only a facecode :)

  6. Hi there! I was wondering if there’s been any updates in status for the Leon hair? I’ve been looking for something less…Regs, but something that isn’t really long either. I figured the Leon style perfect; then I realized, not available xD Anehveh. If there’s any updates, it’d be marvelous to see it up again :3 Manshep is way too….Manny. XD

    • I uploaded it as is but it still needs work; but enough people wanted it that I made it available again in flawed form :)

  7. First of all love your Mods! Thank you for taking the time to do this! Great to see other female gamers active in the communtiy.

    Second I’m having some issues with the Anders hair. I was testing it to see if I could get it working. Almost did but it’s clipping with bits of his skull showing all over and some transparent hair.

    Is there no Mask or Diff files to edit in Gibbed for male Sheps?

    If it helps I can take a screencap to show you what I mean?

    Thanks a bunch. I’m hoping to have this figured by the time I get my current FemShep up to ME3 so I can make her hair curly. :)

    • i actually am very aware of the problem you’re talking about – several people have mentioned it. It doesn’t seem to appear on my man shep, but I’ve been trying to reproduce the effect so I can fix it … so yeah, i’m working on it, a fix should be posted soon! Sorry! :)

  8. Edit: I got it mostly working now though there’s a couple spots where it’s a bit transparent. In certain lights and angles. :(

  9. Hello ! All your mods are amazing ! I just have one question, you said that need to follow ele directions to edit your hair in Gibbed but to do that we need two line. For the MFlop hair you give us the first “BIOG_HMM_HIR_PRO_R.Hair_FormalSpikes.HMM_HIR_Fsk_MDL” (hair mesh) but what about the second one (Hair_Diff and Hair_Mask) ? (for example “BIOG_HMM_HIR_PRO_R.Hair_James.HMM_HIR_James_Diff” http://elemods.blogspot.be/2013/11/mass-effect-3-male-hair-mod-unruly.html). What line to use in Gibbed ?

    Thanks for the answer

    Sorry for the bad english, I’m French :-)

      • I already tried every line from Ele’s blog ^^ I tried to put everything I could think of for “HAIR_Diff” and “HAIR_Mask” after I add the line in gibbed : BIOG_HMM_HIR_PRO_R.Hair_CrewCut.HMM_HIR_Cru_Diff, BIOG_HMM_HIR_PRO_R.Hair_CrewCut.HMM_HIR_Cru_Mask, BIOG_HMM_HIR_PRO_R.Hair_James.HMM_HIR_James_Diff (I was a little desperate :-)). I got some pretty funny results !

  10. Hello, I have problem with Anders’ hair. After I’ve done everything you mentioned in readme, when I try to load a save on which I’ve add it, the problem appears – loading screen freezes and doesn’t seem to ever load that save correctly. Do you have any ideas what should do to solve it?

  11. Ok, so I have looked all over for the 2nd line that we need to plug in for diff and mask in GIBBED, and it’s nowhere to be found (or I am looking in all the wrong spots). In the instruction line you only list the first one that we need. Where do I get that 2nd line from? I wanna rock that Anders hair lol. I know you told someone else to use the “cru” code from Ele’s blog, but he stated it doesn’t work (and it doesn’t, I tried it), so can we please get that 2nd line? Pretty please? ^___^

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