21 Reasons Why Your Life Will Never Be as Awesome as a Video Game

Do you ever just walk around imagining the world around you as a video game?  I do.  Sometimes I walk down the streets of NYC wondering what would happen if I just jacked a car like in GTA, or if aliens descended a la Mass Effect, or if both happened at once as per Saints

Tips to Catch All the Pokemon in Google’s April Fools Map Quest!

Happy April Fools Day, everyone!  In case anyone hasn’t noticed yet, Google has scattered Pokemon all over the world through its Google Maps app ecosystem to celebrate today’s foolery.  I am officially obsessed with catching them all!  (BTW, this awesome title image comes from ezeqquiel on Deviantart!) Here are some spoiler-free tips to help you

Tutorial: How to Record Gameplay and Make Animated GIFs

I’ve gotten some questions about how I make such epic animated GIFs from my gameplay (follow my Tumblr to see them!) … well, here is step by step tutorial on how to use FRAPS with Photoshop to make animated GIFs. You can also use this tutorial if you just want to record your gameplay and

Candy Crush Saga Hack – Unlimited Lives and More! [NO JAILBREAK]

I’m actually not a big Candy Crush addict – I don’t think I ever really played before hacking the game.  It is quite amusing to see so many of my friends who are Candy Crush crazies get super upset when they see my high scores.  Literally, people I have not talked to in YEARS will

Announcing the New Girlplaysgame Mod Site!

Ok, it finally happened, guys – enough of you complained about the terrible organization of my mods that the problem reached critical mass and I just spent this entire weekend building a new separate subdomain for my mods … all because I love you so much From now on, if you want my mods, you

Personal: Hacking Games to Share the Wealth

I recently discovered that one of my favorite app hacking communities, iapphacks.com, has shut down due to a sudden new-found conscience regarding game hacking.  This has prompted me to evaluate my hacks and whether or not I’m doing the right thing.  The short answer is, yes, I believe I am. Over the last year this

Breaktime Studios: Pocket Potions, Dream Dresses, Sweet Shop, Dragon Skies Unlimited Money and Gems Hack [No Jailbreak!]

By request, here is the hack for Dream Dresses by Breaktime Studios.  The same hack also works for all other Breaktime Studios games: Pocket Potions, Sweet Shop, Dragon Skies, etc. This is the first and only hack I’ve posted where I feel somewhat bad for posting it because Breaktime Studios is a small game studio

10 Terrible Love Lessons I Learned from Bioware

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d write a post about Bioware (the number one life ruiner in the universe – that’s a compliment, btw). One of the best things about Bioware games IMHO is the character development and more importantly, relationship development as you “romance” characters in the games. So, thanks, Bioware, for

Mass Effect 3: Thane Mod Brings Your Favorite Assassin Back to Life in ME3

I know I’m not the only one who felt like I got cheated when Thane was Thane-kebab-ed in Mass Effect 3 … Well, a bunch of talented modders got together and created this EPIC fan mod that gives Thane the storyline he deserves! From the Thane Mod site: At its core, ThaneMOD is a series

Site Update: New Host, Faster Site … Yeah.

I just changed hosts from Hosting24 (literally, THE WORST YEAR OF HOSTING I’VE EVER EXPERIENCED – WORST customer service, worst uptime, worst pricing, just the WORST … never use them.  Trust me.) to Arvixe.  Leave a comment if the site is now working better/worse for you or if you’re experiencing downtime!  Or just ignore me

Mass Effect Mods: Updated Miranda’s Outfit for Shepard

Hey guys, just re-uploaded the Miranda N7 outfit mod with a chest hole and fingers fix (ie. the skin will now change with your Shepard’s skin color).  Also uploaded a couple custom re-colors: Black N7 White N7 Custom Black – black and gold plating Custom White – white and gold plating Custom Red – black

Merry Fracking Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Hello, my most favorite people ever!  I will be gone on vacation for the next couple weeks – won’t be back until the week after New Years.  So if you leave a comment or send me an email, don’t think I hate you because I don’t respond.  I’ll get to it when I come back,

Tap Campus Life: Holiday Version Hack – Unlimited Coins and Gems NO JAILBREAK

*Working as of 1 December 2013* *Warning* I woke up this morning to find that I couldn’t connect to Campus Holiday (but somehow I’ve been unbanned from Campus Life) … It might be that yesterday I put 30,000 gems in my account (probably) … so, please, use this hack at your own risk! Hey guys

Mass Effect: Happy N7 Day Everyone!

Hope you’re all playing some ME3 multiplayer in celebration of N7 day  Bioware made this tear-jerking video for us fans (I could literally listen to the voice actors all day long, especially Raphael Sbarge/Kaidan Alenko): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOaC7WzlfKc What are you doing for N7 day?  Let me know in comments!

Mass Effect: Garrus and Tali Hoodies … For You AND Your Commander Shepard!

Well guys, I know some of you are loathe to spend $60 on a sweatshirt, but you still think the new Tali and Garrus hoodies in the Bioware store are badass … well, here are a couple simple texmods for you to use on Commander Shepard in Mass Effect 3 so that Shep can rock

Dragon Age: 12 Characters Inspired by Dragon Age: Inquisition

Ok, ok, no more misleading titles, ha!  Take a look at these amazing characters that were part of a Dragon Age character creation contest on CGHub.  If anyone is excited about the playable Qunari characters in the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition game, you’ll love these 12. “Qunari Girl” ~ by LILITHTD Unfortunately the artist never