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Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Dress Up! Time Princess – Tips, Cheats, Hacks, and Tricks


Dress Up! Time Princess is a fairly new game that is super fun and blends the dress up game genre with the romance/dating game genre. If you’re thinking about playing Dress Up! Time Princess (DUTP), you may already be familiar with similar games like Love Nikki: Dress Up Queen and Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice. DUTP is basically a mix of those two games, with the same dress up elements from Love Nikki and also a “companion” romance system similar to Mr. Love. The storytelling element of DUTP is unique, however, and IMO it’s the best part of the game! 

One thing I like about DUTP (and Love Nikki for that matter) is that you don’t need to spend actual money to play the game and get most of the good outfits. However, the downside is that it can be kind of a grind to get materials. DUTP gives you a lot of resources to start, so it’s up to you to use them wisely. 

Here are some tips and tricks if you’re just getting started – I wish I had known these at the beginning, so I could optimize my spend of diamonds and coins from the start!

Getting Started

If you’re just beginning, the whole first chapter of Queen Marie is basically a tutorial. Just by following all the prompts and clearing the stages, you’ll achieve goals in Isabel’s Guide that will reward you with all sorts of gold, stamina, and diamonds. 

Hoard Your Diamonds

Don’t spend any diamonds at first. You’ll need them later in Parven’s Shop to unlock blueprints (used to craft clothes). The only diamonds you should spend in your first few days playing are as follows:

  1. Spend your first 499 diamonds at the Kitty Bank. You’ll get all the diamonds back in 3 days time, plus you’ll immediately get a whole treasure trove of crafting materials, gold, stamina, and Lucky Jerry tickets.
  2. Spend your next 1499 diamonds at the Kitty Bank. Same as above – you’ll get all your diamonds back in 7 days time, plus you’ll immediately receive a bunch of items.
  3. Spend your next 1999 diamonds on the Season Pass “Fashion Pass” which gives you more rewards for every tier you unlock in a season. A season lasts for 50 days and if you play everyday, you will receive 2000 diamonds back by the end of 50 days. IMPORTANT: the fashion pass is ONLY worth it if you are less than 1/4 of the way through the season. You will likely NOT be able to unlock every tier by day 50 if you start later than that (unless you spend real dollars/diamonds).

Save Your Coins

Don’t spend any of your coins at first, except on these crafting items: Cloth, Leather, Pearls. The blueprints to create clothes use up an inordinate amount of these materials. You can buy 5 at a time in Parven’s Shop every few hours – make sure you buy the max of Cloth, Leather, and Pearls each time the shop refreshes. Trust me, you’ll need them later.

As you progress to Gift crafting to level up the Goodwill of your Companions, you’ll maybe want to spend some coin on gift crafting material. Plant, Metal, and Arcane Essence are the items you’ll want to buy every time you see them in Parven’s Shop – you need them the most to level up all the characters. If you’re planning to do the game storybook by storybook (doing each story consecutively, as opposed to simultaneously), you’ll want to first stock up on Arcane Essence and Gemstones because Queen Marie requires them the most and that’s your first story. Interested in the math? Click here.

You can also spend coins borrowing clothes from friends to clear harder stages that require certain clothing items. I would NOT do this in the beginning – it’s more effective just to craft the clothing you need in Queen Marie. It’s a waste of coins to borrow from friends. Save it for when the crafting gets harder in later levels and other storybooks.

Hold Off On Lucky Jerry

Lucky Jerry is basically the lottery where you feed in a ticket and get an item in return. Don’t use one ticket at a time – wait until you have 10 Lucky Jerry tickets and use 10 at once. That way you’re guaranteed at least one 4-star or above item. If you use the tickets one at a time, you could wind up with a bunch of junk.

You should also pull Lucky Jerry’s free turns ASAP since it’s on a timer and not just a daily reset (thanks Nat1CommonSense!).

Make Friends Quickly

Instead of adding friends via the friend search function, go to the in-game Live Chat and see who’s chatting right now. You can ask people to add you, or just go down the list of chatters and click their icons to add them as friends. They will receive a notification and you will receive an instant friend if they accept you (most do), and you won’t have to wait like you do with the friend search function.

Be Patient with Companions

You can level up your companions’ Goodwill in the Lantern by interacting with them and giving them gifts. You’ll have 5 chances per day to interact with each companion BUT DON’T DO IT ALL AT ONCE! Tap a companion until they give you a gift box, then move onto the next companion until each one has given you a gift box (there are rare occasions when you’ll exhaust all 5 taps and you won’t get one, don’t worry if that happens). Then, come back 8 hours later (confirmed through testing) and interact with your companions again. They will gift you with another gift box! You can double (and sometimes triple) your gift boxes just by waiting a while between interactions. Try it!

Also, important to note, companion interactions do not reset daily – they are on a timer. So, if you interact with your companions at 11:59pm, you will have to wait until 8 hours later to do it again, not just midnight (thanks Nat1CommonSense!).

Save Your Stamina for Saturday

On Saturday, you get double the rewards from encounters. Thus, you should spend as much stamina as you can on Saturday. Obviously, you should spend all your stamina every day during the week. What I mean by save your stamina is to save all the GIFT BOXES your companions give you during the week, as well as any Season Pass stamina rewards for Saturday. When you open these gift boxes, you will receive stamina – if you’ve unlocked all the companions, you’ll probably receive between 100-200 stamina from the boxes to spend (thanks Nat1CommonSense!).

Only Craft 3-Star Gifts for Companions

You can craft gifts at Gifford’s Gifts to give to companions to raise their Goodwill. It costs 200 coins no matter what you craft, so why would you ever craft anything other than 3-Star gifts (which raises Goodwill the maximum 90 points each time)? Here is the list of 3-Star gifts you’ll need to craft for each companion:

Queen Marie
  • Lafayette: Magic Carpet = Arcane Essence + Fabric
  • d’Eon: Cloud Mirror = Arcane Essence + Glass
  • Gabrielle: Witch’s Broom = Arcane Essence + Wood
  • Fersen: Holy Cross = Gemstone + Medicine
  • Louis XVI: Jade Jar = Gemstone + Seasoning
  • Blaisdell: Aged Whiskey = Plant + Water
Magic Lamp
  • Light: Summer = Fruit + Plant
  • Kahir: Vibrant Glaze Bowl = Dye + Glass
  • Chapur: Renewal Potion = Arcane Essence + Medicine
  • Sinbad: Money Plant = Metal + Plant
  • Scheherazade: Moscow Globe = Glass + Water
Gotham Memoirs
  • Davis: Silver Censer = Metal + Spices
  • Vittorio: Diamond Snuffbox = Gemstone + Metal
  • Charlotte: Sandalwood Beads = Plant + Spices
  • Diane: Key of Solomon = Arcane Essence + Paper
  • Kane: Nacre Lacquer Box = Plant + Wood
Swan Lake
  • Aldous: Silver Saddle = Fabric + Metal
  • Audwin: Glazed Censer = Glass + Spices

Another tip about crafting – you can fast craft these gifts if you go to the “blueprints” tab of Gifford’s Gifts ;)

Some Companions Are More Expensive Than Others

It takes different amounts of Goodwill to level up different characters and the highest you’ll need to get them is to Level 7. The most “expensive” (requires the most Goodwill) to level up are Lafayette and Fersen (Queen Marie), Light (Magic Lamp), Davis and Charlotte (Gotham Memoirs), and Aldous (Swan Lake). Plan accordingly when you’re doing Encounters and buying gift crafting materials. Here are the gift crafting items you’ll need in order of most used: 

  1. Plant
  2. Metal
  3. Arcane Essence
  4. Spices
  5. Glass
  6. Gemstone
  7. Fabric
  8. Medicine
  9. Wood
  10. Water
  11. Fruit
  12. Seasoning
  13. Dye
  14. Paper

However, if you’re planning on going in order of the storybooks I recommend (see below: What Storybook Should I Unlock First?), you’ll want to start buying gift crafting material in Parven’s Shop in this order:

  • Queen Marie: requires a lot of Arcane Essence and Gemstone
  • Magic Lamp: Requires Plant and Glass the most
  • Gotham Memoirs: Stock up on Spices, Metal, and Plant
  • Swan Lake: Pretty equal among the items needed for gift crafting

Save Your Gift Boxes for Saturdays

I know it’s tempting to immediately open the gift boxes your companions give you. However, some of them contain stamina which should be saved for Saturday. Why? Because on Saturdays you receive double the rewards from Encounters! I think I’ve mentioned before that DUTP is a resource-heavy game, so you’ll want to save all that gift box stamina for double reward Saturday.

What Choices Should I Make in the Story?

Choices don’t really matter. Some choices you make will make you gain or lose Goodwill with your companions (which can easily be fixed with Gifts). Some choices you make will drastically change the storyline – BUT, you can always replay the level, make a different choice, and unlock the other storyline. So, don’t get too hung up on your first playthrough – just make the choice that you like!

Also, always try to get a “perfect” score on each level because it allows you to reply for less stamina, which is great if you’re trying to get different endings (thanks Nat1CommonSense!).

What Storybook Should I Unlock First?

Queen Marie is your starting storybook. As of this blog post, there are 7 total storybooks including Queen Marie. Here is the order I would unlock them and why:

  1. Queen Marie (no choice here)
  2. A Servant’s Resolve (Unlocks with 15 Reader’s Coupons) – there are NO outfit stages in this book, meaning you don’t need to craft anything to progress. Each stage is time-limited meaning you can basically unlock one stage per day. Each stage rewards you with items and gold, so basically think of this storybook as a way to get free stuff everyday.*
  3. The Affair of the Necklace (Unlocks with 15 Reader’s Coupons) – there are NO outfit stages in this book, meaning you don’t need to craft anything to progress. Each stage is time-limited meaning you can basically unlock one stage per day. Each stage rewards you with items and gold, so basically think of this storybook as a way to get free stuff everyday.*
  4. Magic Lamp (Unlocks with 45 Reader’s Coupons) – you can progress through several stages without having to craft anything. You also get 5 new companions right off the bat! These companions can reward you with gift boxes that contain mystery items, gold, or stamina.
  5. Gotham Memoirs (Unlocks with 45 Reader’s Coupons) – you can progress through several stages without having to craft anything. You also get 5 new companions right off the bat! These companions can reward you with gift boxes that contain mystery items, gold, or stamina.
  6. Swan Lake (Unlocks with 30 Reader’s Coupons) – the reason I have this at the end is that you basically are required to craft something right off the bat (stage 2) so it’s the least immediately rewarding. On the plus side, you get 2 new companions!**
  7. Figaro Fever (Unlocks with 30 Reader’s Coupons) – this is easy because a lot of the Queen Marie items work for it. However, I have it last because you don’t get any new companions.**

*You should be able to unlock these by the time you get into Chapter 2 of QM! Be sure to also redeem the promo codes below!
**This order is honestly pretty interchangeable so just do the one you like better :P

Another consideration is whether you want to play the Storybooks consecutively or concurrently. A benefit of playing them consecutively is that Parven’s Store will only stock the items from your book. Thus, if you’re trying to get all the clothes blueprints and parts, it’s more likely they will appear in the restock. However, I play the Storybooks concurrently because I like that I can switch to another book if I get stuck on a certain stage in one book. And, I think it’s a great benefit to unlock all the companions (who give you gift boxes!). However, it will be less likely that the parts and blueprints you need in Parven’s Store for a particular stage will appear, so sometimes your progress is more stalled. It’s really up to you whether the tradeoff is worth it!

Use All the Promo Codes

Keep an eye out on Dress Up! Time Princess official FB page – they often post redemption codes that give you free stuff. They usually expire within a set timeframe, but the following codes you can use anytime:

BFF – 2 gift boxes and a random present
DUT777 – x77 stamina, x7,777 gold, x77 diamonds, x7 Lucky Jerry gold ticket

More Stars is Always Better

Level up only 5* relics and maybe 4* relics – try to ignore all 3* relics unless you really need it for the levels because there is almost always a better option in a higher star relic. Also, for Lovecraft, save your higher star pieces for 5* or 6* clothing trades – don’t waste them on anything lower like crafting items (thanks Nat1CommonSense!).

Transfer Coins and Diamonds to Yourself

If you have a second device to install the game on, you can play through the first chapter of QM and go through all the tutorial stuff again. Then, you can add yourself (on your main device) as a friend and borrow stuff from yourself with gold and diamonds. Keep in mind that your main device will only receive half of what you paid. So, if you borrow a dress for 8000 coins, your main account will receive 4000 coins. But hey, it’s better than nothing. DUTP can be a bit of a resource grind, so every little bit helps! And this hack lets you do it without spending real dollars :)

Other Resources

A really good place for game information is the DUTP wiki found here. You can also search the DUTP Reddit. Lastly, the in-game live chat usually has players who are more than happy to help you, whether it’s answering a question or letting you borrow a certain clothing item!

Ok, that’s all I got for tips, cheats, tricks, and hacks for Dress Up! Time Princess. Did this help you, or do you have any more advice to add? Let me know in comments and I will update this blog post! 
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