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Fallout 4: Bioshock Infinite Columbia-themed Settlement Mod


**UPDATED** Uploaded my Bioshock paintings mod and the save file for the Bioshock settlement if anyone wants them! Thanks to Faolan Art Exchange for making the ESP for the custom paintings – I just redid all the textures into Bioshock ones :D

Welp, this is pretty much the most expansive settlement I’ve created yet – a Bioshock-themed settlement modeled off the sky city of Columbia! It took foreverrrrrr (about twice as long as my Mass Effect-themed playerhome mod and my Glass Treehouse playerhome mod combined!) … especially those fucking lightbox hot air balloons! :D Watch the video for some Bioshock-y goodness, then scroll down if you want to see the list of mods I used. 99% of the objects in my settlement are vanilla objects, so good news if you want to try and duplicate it. Or you can wait for the Fallout 4 GECK to come out and I’ll make a standalone mod for download!

Here are some screenshots of my lovely Columbia and Booker DeWitt lookalike … scroll to the bottom of this post for a list of all my mods and some tips on how you can build your own sweet customer playerhome/settlement!

Check out my guide on how to build your own custom player home in a custom location, along with links to all the mods you will need to get started. In addition to the mods in that blog post, I also used the following ones for this Columbia settlement in particular:

Bioshock Paintings – I made this mod! It adds 20+ standalone Bioshock themed paintings to craft for your settlement – does NOT replace existing paintings!

Frankenburger’s Realism Reshade

Wasteland Build-a-Bear

Ploppable Houses

Craftable Bobblehead Displays

Business Settlements

Lovers Luxury Bed

Lore Friendly Posters

Colored Workshop Lights

Note Racks

Here is my save file for the Bioshock settlementith Columbia if anyone is interested in trying to use it for their game. It must be used with all the mods I listed or bits and pieces will be missing from the city. Good luck!

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    • Yes I do – I’ve uploaded some mods to the Nexus, but the ones that I know would get removed from there, I host on my own site :)

    • Just console commands ‘help mannequin 4’ and spawn it where you want to place it – unfortunately, there’s no mod yet that makes it craftable and placeable via settlement workbench :(

  1. You wouldn’t know how to set it up so I could use them on an xbox one, do you?
    From what I’ve read, PC mods are compatible with the xbox one, but I’ve yet to figure out how
    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    • No, PC mods are not compatible with Xbox One … I dunno where you’ve read that but it’s sadly not true :( Supposedly, FO4 will get Xbox One compatible mods but the GECK hasn’t come out yet so it’s not a thing yet. :( I’ll keep this blog updated as soon as more news is verified!

    • Not sure what the actual cell is called, but my save file spawns you right in it, and you should be able to rip it with Cell Ripper now because the author added the cell as “Columbia”!

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