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How to Make an Attractive Male or Female V in Cyberpunk 2077 Character Creator


There is nothing better than a game where you can spend hours in the character creation screen, amirite? Cyberpunk 2077 just came out today and that is literally all I have been doing all day – I haven’t even started the game! Anyway, so with much experimentation, here are my settings to make an attractive, sexy, hot, whatever female and male V character. You can watch the videos or just scroll down for the setting numbers. Hope it’s helpful!

Female V Character Creator Settings

  • Skin Type – 04
  • Hair – 33
  • Eyes – 06
  • Brows – 05
  • Nose – 05
  • Mouth – 10
  • Jaw – 10
  • Ears – 04

Male V Character Creator Settings

  • Skin Type – 01
  • Hair – 02
  • Eyes – 01
  • Brows – 05
  • Nose – 10
  • Mouth – 04
  • Jaw – 20
  • Ears – 08
  • Beard – 01

Hope you found that helpful! Please show me your own custom V’s in comments, I love to see everyone’s characters!

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  1. If you’ve done a video on how to make a character, then I’ve played as them!

    Glad to see you’re making more content, here’s hoping you’ll be around to design my next Mass Effect and Dragon Age 4 characters! ^^

  2. Wonderful!

    Just finished the intro and i already resent the fact that my female V basically looks like an alien from x-files.

    So this will be of tremendous help and totally worth a fresh start.

    I hope you do more variations for Cyberpunk, maybe based on some a-list Hollywood stars, that would be fun.

    • Haha, it also doesn’t help that the V you create in the creation screen looks way better than the V in game no matter what you do :D

  3. Wow, you surely have a strong sense of beauty, it took like an hour for me to make somewhat decent looking character, and then i saw him in the mirror and he was nothing like in the creation screen:) But yours are pretty much the same in the game, are these ultra graphics settings btw?

  4. Hey, glad to see you’re back! I used to frequent this site back in 2016 when I was modding Skyrim and your guides helped me out a lot. This guide was very helpful. Unfortunately, having an attractive character is wasted when my performance sucks. Cyperpunk optimization is driving me insane

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