1. Hello my name is Chizaru, i have always loved your mods, esp the glame hair for fem Shepard. when i got the PC ME 1-3 i was excited cause i could use the hair i loved but i have gotten into a issue with the mod. i looked to see the issue and found this.

    ME3Explorer: Note on the 623 REV


    Be aware that DLC mesh .mods and basegame/DLC texture .mods created between REV592 and REV622 will no longer work on REV623, and .mods created prior to REV592 won’t work on REVs beyond 592. This means the current SVN is not compatible with the latest SF. TPFs still work as before through TPF/DDS Tools.

    Also, be sure to back up your DLC after treescan with REV623 as it’s in unpacked state after so to vanilla compatible with your new tree you’ll need a backup.”

    i was wondering by any chance their is a new update for this? thank you for your time and hope to hear back.

    – Chizaru

    • Hi Chizaru, I haven’t had time to update my old mods to be compatible with the latest rev of ME3Explorer but I will upload my old version on ME3Explorer if anyone wants to use it … I’ll be posting a blog about it this week!

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