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Mass Effect: Mass Effect Perfume Series


Well, in a random spurt of creativity, I made a series of Mass Effect themed perfume ads.  Ah, the joys of Photoshop.  Hope you enjoy them!  Click on an image to view the full picture.  You can also download free 7500 x 10000 HD images for print purposes on my DeviantArt site.  Alternatively, you can buy prints/posters/canvas prints AT COST in my Imagekind store – please consider donating to the site via Paypal so I can doing stuff like this :)  Thanks and enjoy!

All of these ads are my creations but many elements in the images come from other people much more talented than I – please see documentation at the bottom of this page for credits.  And, of course, all Mass Effect related things belong to Bioware and all perfume bottle designs that I used belong to their respective brands … no lawsuits, please.

Documentation – here’s the long list of sources I used in my artwork.  Most of the original artists are on DeviantArt and they are truly amazing – you should check out their work!  I tried to be comprehensive but let me know if I missed anyone:

Shepard – N7

TIM – Illusive For Men

Liara – BLÜ

Kaidan – Spectre

  • Kaidan base – sorceress-nadira
  • Original perfume – Attitude by Giorgio Armani

Ashley – Legacy

EDI – Robotiq Pour Femme

Legion – Robotiq Pour Homme

  • Original perfume – Adidas 3

Wrex/Grunt – Pure Krogan by W&G

  • Wrex/Grunt base – moriasdepths
  • Original perfume – Viktor&Rolf Spicebomb

Garrus – Archangel

Jack – Pure Biotic

  • Jack base – lovelymaiden
  • Original perfume – Womanity Thierry Mugler

Thane – Siha

Joker – Normandy No. 2

  • Original perfume – Chanel No. 5

Miranda – Perfection

  • Miranda base – geektruth64
  • Original perfume – Juicy Couture

Mordin – Sacrifice

  • Salarian STG symbol – engorn

Tali – Unmasked

  • Tali base – oomnine
  • Original perfume – Thierry Mugler Angel

Samara – OHM

Jacob – Duty&Honor

  • Original perfume – Marc Jacobs Bang

Javik – Vengeful Ancient

James – Caliente

Kasumi – Stolen Memory

Zaeed – Ruthless

  • Original perfume – Chanel Noir

And of course, here is a link to my DeviantArt page – you can see some of my old and crappy work if you like.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  Anyway, now that I’m done with Mass Effect, I kind of want to continue the perfume ad series with another game.  Maybe Dragon Age?  Maybe Borderlands?  Maybe something else?  I dunno.

Do you like this art series?  What game series do you want to see next?  Let me know in comments!

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