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Tap Campus Life: Unlimited Money and Gems, Unlock Everything Free and More!


***UPDATE DEC 1 2013: I posted a new hack to get unlimited coins and gems – NO jailbreak!  See here!

***UPDATE JUNE 14 2013:  There is now a new, easier way to get infinite free gems – does not require jailbreak.  I put it in a new blog post so click here!

***UPDATE MAY 29 2013:  The Free Yacht Spin hack has been patched. You may still get it to work in an older version of the game (read below for link to download).

If you are still having problems and want to revert to the previous version of the game, you can download the ipa here and follow these instructions.

Be sure to save a version of whatever you change, in case you need to revert back!***

This game is not only greedy, but it gives you lots of Limited Time Quests (LTQ) that must be completed with rubies which cost REAL money!  I haven’t found a direct hack to change the money or rubies you earn, but here are the hacks I use as a workaround:

You need:

1.  iFunbox, iExplore, or any other program that lets you view your source files in your app
2.  a simple database editor like sqlite (download here)
3.  your iphone/ipad

You do NOT need:

2.  NO GIVING AWAY USERNAME OR PASSWORD (be careful, there are a lot of scams out there!)

Here are the hacks:

First steps

1.  Using iFunbox to connect to your ipad/iphone, download the “campus.sqlite” file found in the ./Library/Application Support folder to your desktop.
2.  Remember to save a copy of the original in case you mess up.
3.  Open the “campus.sqlite” file in your sqlite editor and go to the “Browse Data” tab
4.  Follow the directions for the hack you want!

Unlimited Money and Gems Hack

1.  Select the ZPERSISTENTMEMBER table from the dropdown “Table” menu.  This controls all your girls in your sorority.
2.  The column ZCAREERLEVEL is how high the girl is in their career.  Change the value in the cell to 4 to max it.  That means your girl will earn the max amount of money possible.
3.  The column ZHARVESTTIME shows when you can collect money from the girl.  It should be a 10 digit number starting with “135”.  Make the number in the cell lower – usually, I just lower the 4th digit.  For example, if the number was “1352111111” then I would change it to “1351111111”.
4.  Upload the changes and open your game on ipad/iphone – now your girls should earn the max amount of money and be ready to collect!
5.  Keep doing step 3-4 if you want more money!
6.  If you want your girls to generate GEMS instead of money, change the value in column ZHARVESTGEMS to “1”.  This will make each of your girls pay out 1 gem every time instead of money.  *UPDATE NOV 27: This has been patched so that only premium girls earn gems.  If you still want all gems, you need to change your girls to Premium ones by changing all your girls to Kim or Larissa or another premium girl – follow the instructions for “add any girl you want to your sorority for free” in the last paragraph of this tutorial*  

I don’t know of a way to make them pay out more gems each time – if anyone can figure it out, let me know!  See photo below:

*****FREE YACHT SPIN HACK: To get free gems from the yacht/cruise spins (much faster/efficient hack than the girls generating gems) – follow these instructions: Go to the Library/Application Support/Resources folder and find the slotlocation.csv file. Open it (.csv should automatically open in Microsoft Excel) and you’ll see that it shows you how much it costs to do a spin. Change the cost so that it’s 0 (see screenshot below).  DO NOT change the maximum reward/payout values for each spin – it will lock you out of the game until you change it back.  Upload the changes to the folder and open your game – your spins should be free now!*****


Complete Any Quest without Doing Any Objectives – Earn Free Rubies for LTQ!

1.  Select the ZPGACHIEVEMENTREQUIREMENTSCOMPLETED table from the dropdown “Table” menu.  This controls all quests.
2.  You’ll see a column called ZACHIEVEMENT and one called ZIDENTIFIER.  The former is the name of the achievement and the latter is the stage of completion.  Let’s look at this weekend’s ruby-based LTQ called “spyLTQ” (see picture above).  As you can see, I’ve already completed the second objective in part 1 of the quest.  (ZACHIEVEMENT = spyLTQ_1, ZIDENTIFIER = spyLTQ_1_Req2)
3.  You can add a new record by clicking the NEW RECORD button in the upper right of the screen.  Do it.
4.  A new row will be added at the bottom – fill in Z ENT and Z OPT with the same values as the rest of the entries (for me, it’s 20 and 1).
5.  You’ve already completed objective 2 of the spy quest.  So, in your new entry, put “spyLTQ1” under ZACHIEVEMENT and “spyLTQ_1_Req1″ under ZIDENTIFIER.
6.  Upload the changes and go back to your game – all parts of your quest should now be complete and you can click the “COMPLETE” button!  This will give you the reward and move you onto the next quest.
7.  Repeat these steps for spyLTQ_2, 3, 4, etc. until the whole quest finishes.  For this particular quest, I earned around 40 rubies in rewards and didn’t spend a single one :)

Finish Recruiting Events, Classes, and Recruit Girls Instantly

1.  Select the ZPERSISTENTEVENT table from the dropdown “Table” menu.  This controls all “timed” events – like when it says you have to wait 6 hours before throwing a party.
2.  Under the column ZPREPARINGSTARTTIME you’ll see a 10 digit number starting with “135.”  Make the number in the cell lower – usually, I just lower the 4th digit.  For example, if the number was “1352111111” then I would change it to “1351111111”.
3.  Upload the changes and go back to your game – the recruiting event should be ready to start now!
4.  To finish classes instantly, you can go to the ZPERSISTENTCOURSE table and change the time in column ZENDTIME in the same manner.

Unlock Any/All Clothing for Free

1.  Select the ZPERSISTENTCLOTHING table from the dropdown “Table” menu.  This controls all the clothing in your closet.
2.  Under the column ZQUANTITY, you’ll see the number 0 or 1.  0 means you don’t currently own the clothing and 1 means you do.
3.  Change all the 0 to 1 of whatever clothing you want.  You can do it for all of the clothing but that takes a long time.
4.  If you have something in mind that you want to unlock specifically, follow these advanced instructions:
4a.  In iFunbox, download the excel file “Clothing.csv” from the “Campus Life.app” folder.  This may take a few minutes to load – be patient!

4b.  Open the excel file “Clothing.csv” and search for the item of clothing you want to unlock.  For example, if I want to unlock the “red stars belly tattoo”, I would search for it in the excel.  In Column A, you’ll see the identifier is a number, in this case 467.  That is the same number it will be in your “campus.sqlite” file, ZPERSISTENTCLOTHING table, under the column ZIDENTIFIER.

4c.  Search for 467 in the campus.sqlite file, ZPERSISTENTCLOTHING table.  You can’t search in sqlite – you have to convert the database into a text file and open with Notepad or Microsoft Word in order to be able to search.  To do this in sqlite, go to “File” then “Export” then “Database to SQL File”.  The program will prompt you to save the file as .sql .txt.  Do it.
4d.  Open your text file with Notepad.  Search the file for the number 467.  It should look like this:

4e.  Take note of where the number is within the text file – it will help you pinpoint the location in the sqlite file.
4f.  Go back to survivor.sqlite file and find 467.  Change the number in ZQUANTITY from 0 to 1.
5.  Upload the changes and open your game.  Go to your closet and you’ll find the clothing in it!

Unlock Any Land for Free!

1.  Select the ZPERSISTENTEXPANSIONAREA table from the table menu.
2.  On the far right column, you will see ZIDENTIFIER.  This defines which piece of land it is.  Look for the ones that say  “BeachExp” for the expensive beachfront land that costs 199 rubies to unlock.
3.  Go down the list – you’ll see that the land you’ve already unlocked has something other than 0 in ZEXPANSIONSTARTTIME and ZEXPANSIONTIME, and ZSTATE should say 4.
4.  Go down the list – you’ll find land that you haven’t unlocked 0 in ZEXPANSIONSTARTTIME and ZEXPANSIONTIME.  Look at the ZSTATE – if it is 1, that means the land is adjacent to unlocked land and is ready to unlock.  If it is 0, that means it is not ready to unlock.  Only change the land where ZSTATE = 1, ensuring that you only unlock land near what you already have.
5.  Change the ZEXPANSIONSTARTTIME to a 10 digit number like in your unlocked land – for example, “1355555555”.  Change the ZEXPANSIONTIME to “14400”.  Change the ZSTATE to 4.
6.  Upload your changes and the land should now be unlocked!

How to Get Any Decoration for Free:

2. Add a new entry in the campus.sqlite ZPERSISTENTDECORATION table.
3. For Z ENT and Z OPT, copy the same number as the rest of your decorations.
4. For ZBUILDCOMPLETED, ZBUILDSTARTTIME, ZISSTORED, ZHOUSE, enter “1”. This means your decoration will be in your storage when you open the game.
5. Leave ZISWORLDDECORATION, ZORIENTATION, ZXPOSITION, ZYPOSITION blank. These will fill in automatically when you place your decoration on the map.
6. Put a timestamp in ZSTOREDTIME. The easiest thing to do is copy the 10 digit number from a decoration you already have.
7. For ZIDENTIFIER, look up the decoration you want in the decoration.csv file that you just downloaded from this link. In the first column, you’ll see what the corresponding value for ZIDENTIFIER in your sqlite file should be. Copy that to the ZIDENTIFIER cell in the sqlite file.
8. Upload the changes and open the game – go to your storage and you should see the item. Place it anywhere you want!

How to Add Any Girl You Want to Your Sorority:

2.  Add a new entry.
3.  Fill in Z ENT with the same number it usually has.  Z OPT seems like an arbitrary number so fill it in with whatever.  ZCAREERLEVEL and ZHARVESTGEM depends on if you want to do the unlimited money and gems hack (above).  ZISPREMIUM can be 0 or 1 – I recommend 0, because you can’t harvest gems from premium girls (1).  ZHOUSE should be 1.  ZHARVESTTIME should be whatever 10 digit timestamp you want – just copy from a girl you already have.
4.  Now look up the girl you want in members.csv from this link.  Find her career and identifier number in the .csv (excel) file.  Now you should know what to put in your sqlite file.
5.  Go back to ZPERSISTENTMEMBER in your sqlite file and put the career under ZCAREER and identifier number under ZIDENTIFIER.
6.  Upload the changes and go to your game – the new girl should be walking around now!

Notes:  Do NOT edit the table ZPERSISTENTUSER where your money and gems data are stored.  It WILL make it impossible for you to connect to the server!

Do you have any other Tap Campus Life hacks, suggestions, or questions?  Let me know in comments!

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  1. Somehow when I copy and paste the campus.sqlite to the desktop, make changes to it, and then paste it back to the campus life folder, the changes don’t show up in game.. This is the first time this happened. How can I fix this?

  2. If you guys are ever going to use the cheats, do not go to pocketgems forum or post any screenshots of your clothings or decor. Those people there will pester you and ask where you get those clothes from. And then they’ll get all whiny and suspicious.

  3. there are new decorations in the game that are for limited period which i want to buy using the hack but the decoration is not listed in the decoration.csv file linked above. i need to buy the new decorations. help!

  4. and also my game lags if i buy any decoration direcrtly from the game after i used the hack. i fix it by exiting the game and clearing the memory. and when i enter the game again it stops lagging and the decoration that i bought is reverted. likewise if i complete building a room and get a free decoration the game lags again. any way to fix it?

    • Hello, yes you can change hairstyles by going to zpersistentmember and there will be a hairstyle table, go to hair.csv file and find the identifier of the hair you want go type that in the hair table. Save changes, replace the saved sqlite file in ifunbox, now the changes will occur in your game. Enjoy :))

  5. Does the adding girls hack work?, i tried it and it doesn’t seem to work….so does the gem hack…can u please update this, most of the hacks seem to be getting patched :(

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