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Mass Effect 3: Best Character Builds by the Number – Geth Trooper Soldier


Best Build: 6/6/6/4/4

The Geth Trooper Soldier is pretty decent – definitely a Platinum worthy character.  The assumptions used in these calculations are that the weapon equipped is a level X Cerberus Harrier with Extended Barrel V (+25% damage) and Piercing Mod V.

There are several builds I compared – as always, I was more concerned with damage output than defense.  Here they are:

  1. 6/6/6/4/4 – Hunter Mode Rank 5 Power, Networked AI Rank 4 Power
  2. 6/6/6/4/4 – Hunter Mode Rank 5 Rate of Fire (ROF), Networked AI Rank 4 Power
  3. 6/6/6/4/4 – Hunter Mode Rank 5 ROF, Networked AI Rank 4 Weapon
  4. 6/6/6/4/4 – Hunter Mode Rank 5 Power, Networked AI Rank 4 Weapon
  5. 3/6/5/6/6 – Networked AI Rank 4/5 Power
  6. 3/6/5/6/6 – Networked AI Rank 4 Weapon, Rank 5 Power

Now look at the total Damage Per Second (DPS) for Health/Shields/Barrier and Armor:

Weapon DPS Flamer DPS Total DPS
1 1339.57 555.00 1894.57
2 1488.06 525.00 2013.06
3 1563.78 505.00 2068.78
4 1563.78 535.00 2098.78
5 1339.57 595.00 1934.57
6 1407.73 575.00 1982.73
Weapon DPS Flamer DPS Total DPS
1 1339.57 1248.75 2588.32
2 1488.06 1181.25 2669.31
3 1563.78 1136.25 2700.03
4 1563.78 1203.75 2767.53
5 1339.57 1338.75 2678.32
6 1407.73 1293.75 2701.48

Q:  Should I spec into Hunter Mode?

A:  Yes.

Even having the basic Hunter Mode at Rank 3 gives you a 7.5% Weapon Damage bonus.  With Hunter Mode spec’d to Rank 6, you have a higher total DPS (except if you only spec it for power synergy).

Q:  How important is having the Flamer?

A:  Besides being super fun to use the Flamer, you should use it against armor to increase your DPS.  To give you a good comparison, the Vorcha Soldier’s Flamer does 517 DPS when fully stacked.  The Geth Trooper’s Flamer is higher than that in almost all cases (first chart).  Additionally, it gives you about 30% more DPS against armor.

Q:  Why not use a melee build instead of power or weapon?

A:  If you want to melee, use a true melee character.  That is NOT the Geth Trooper.

If you spec out the Geth Trooper for full Melee Damage, you’ll have to sacrifice shields and health.  Let’s say you go for full Melee damage instead of putting points into Flamer.  Your shields with Hunter Mode active go down to 750 but your Heavy Melee Damage increases to 1453.  Alternatively, you go for higher health and shields and less melee damage, and your shields go to 1150 with Hunter Mode active and Heavy Melee Damage decreases to 947.  By contrast, look at the Krogan Soldier- highest melee damage is 3320, highest shields 1850.  There are much better Melee characters out there than the Geth Trooper!

How do you spec your Geth Trooper Soldier?  Let me know in comments!

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  1. I like Flamer better with reach, 5 meters make a huge difference! Specially if you’re fighting Geth Pyros. =D
    I also recommend good and old Acolyte as secondary weapon.

      • That’s true. For Vorcha Soldier/Sentinel I actually prefer going for Damage, since they have a stupidly high health regen with Bloodlust, which means you can take a bit more of risk.
        But with more reach it can be used for a lot of Tech Combos with Snap Freeze if there’s a N7 Paladin along, it’s really fun.

  2. I like using the reeger with a high dps flamer, perfect group elimination.
    I like short range on my vorcha’s, but I am tempted to try a longer range with my geth. Just seems like a more tactical thing to do.

    • I’ve tested the Geth Trooper with both Reach and Damage for Flamer and I can say that Reach is better. While Geth Trooper got Fortification that nullifies the Shield Reduction from Hunter Mode, they don’t have the Health Regen that Bloodlust gives.

      • Hell yeah I could see the trooper becoming one of those badass tactical characters, good for intellingence work, ambushs and sniping. I used to hate the quarian males, but the infiltrator became my favourite character purely because of how tactical I could be with him. I tend to edge towards the less bulky characters nowadays.

  3. Hmm. Did you consider taking 6 points out of Fortification and putting them into Networked AI- Power damage (5)? Just curious.

    • And my characters aren’t spec’d out exactly as I prescribe – I just calculate what the ideal build is by the numbers, but there are so many other non-quantifiable factors that go into finding the best build for your playstyle. For instance, I do range instead of damage on my flamer :)

      • I find on gold that more health is required to survive. With the geths weak health I have put all available buffs on shields/health that I can while maxing out flamer damage. 0 points on hunter mode as the shield penalty is too hefty for my liking (also the the view is distracting) With the reegar you can drop enemy shields in one clip, than activate the flamer when the clip runs dry. With a power damage buff lvl 3 (30%) you can drop a banshee on gold in one pass.

  4. I don’t know how I did it, but somehow I bugged the game so I have -21 skill points and went 6/6/6/6/6. Actually, I even did it twice and I’m still not sure how I did it nor have I seen it since or on a different class. Only differences are I took Power & Durability, Shield/Barrier on Flamer and Reach on Flamer and Duration. I would respec, but I don’t want to lose the 1650 shields I got from maxed Fitness.

    • Yeah it happens when you get any of the new DLC characters to a new level using another character in the same class. You can exploit this glitch for all the new characters – I have a tutorial on how to do it somewhere on this blog :)

  5. I don’t touch hunter mode, 50% shield reduction isn’t worth it. My flamer can’t shoot through walls, so I don’t care about seeing through them.

  6. My favorite is the extra reach on the flamer, 0 into Hunter Mode, and max out health & shields. I find that the extra H&S is vital for standing in there and flaming away, especially on Plat. I also spec for duration over damage on the flamer, because I find the extra five seconds or so adds up to more damage on that banshee or whatever while increasing the number of scrubs killed by walking into the arc. For weapon, I use Locust or Hurricane with power enhancer V and omni boosters V, with a preference for the Locust so I don’t have to keep running for ammo. My flamer recharges like every three-five seconds, and I pretty much spend the entire mission burning stuff. I am often top scorer with that build, which I like to call Beavis due to his love of Fire.

    • Flamer is so much fun! But if I’m playing on Platinum, I definitely need a good team to draw aggro cuz Hunter Mode lets me die so easily! :)

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