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Mass Effect 3: N7 Weekend Operation BLAST FURNACE


This weekend Nov 9-11 challenge has been posted!   Read full details here.

Individual Goal: Earn 75000 points of damage using fire-based powers (Incinerate, Carnage, Inferno Grenade, Flamer, Sentry Turret Flamethrower, Geth Turret Flamethrower) on any map at any difficulty. Points are cumulative across matches. Extraction not required.

The new Geth Trooper Soldier will be perfect for this goal.  Having played with it a lot since yesterday, I think it might even just take one or two Platinum/Gold matches to achieve the goal.  Sweet.

I’m still waiting for the stats for the Geth Trooper to be released so I can confirm the best build.  Does anyone have any suggestions with what they’re using right now?  Having tried both Flamer and non-Flamer build, I have to say that the Flamer is definitely a must.

Will you be doing the weekend challenge?  Let me know in comments!

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  1. Flamer is one of the best powers in the game since it has such unique cooldown system, where the less/more you hold it the shorter/longer is the cooldown.

    Not to mention that playing the Geth Trooper Soldier without it is a waste; it’s better to go Geth Infiltrator in that case. Of course, a Melee Geth build focusing on Fortification for more Melee Damage/Damage Reduction seems fun, but not viable considering Geth have low base health.

    • I have to agree – GI is actually stronger for pure weapon-based damage because of the proximity mine and cloak debuff. Without flamer, the Trooper is just a shittier GI. Also, Flamer is just a fun power to use! I also think that the GI and Trooper aren’t that different in squishiness level, just because GI’s tactical cloak helps divert a lot of aggro and Hunter Mode pretty much cancels out Fortification in terms of damage protection/shields.

      • Exactly. Geth Infilitrator with Javelin is one of the most powerful classes in the game. Sadly I suck at aiming, specially with Sniper Rifles. =P

        I tested Geth Trooper’s Flamer during Operation Blast Furnace and it was gorgeous; combined with the bonus damage from Fortification and Recharge Speed+Power Damage from Hunter it becomes far more powerful than Vorcha’s Flamer with all stacks of Bloodlust.

        My Geth Trooper is equipped with just an Acolyte and Omni-Capacitors, and it’s working great.

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