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Tap Campus Life: Holiday Version Hack – Unlimited Coins and Gems NO JAILBREAK


*Working as of 1 December 2013*

*Warning* I woke up this morning to find that I couldn’t connect to Campus Holiday (but somehow I’ve been unbanned from Campus Life) … It might be that yesterday I put 30,000 gems in my account (probably) … so, please, use this hack at your own risk!

Hey guys and gals, I’m here with a new hack for unlimited coins and gems for Campus Holiday (and theoretically, it would work the same for Campus Life).  It does NOT require jailbreaking (yay).

As always, you’ll need the following:

Excel or another program that can edit .csv files

Ok, so this hack basically tricks the in-app purchase system.  You’ll still have to spend at least $0.99 cents to use this hack, but it’s a paltry sum compared to how much this game tries to cheat you out of gems. :)


  1. Open up the game folder using iFunbox.
  2. Navigate to Library > Application Support > Resources folder.
    2013-12-01 20_38_32-iFunbox App Connector
  3. Right-click IAP.csv and copy to PC.
  4. Find the copy you just saved, make a backup (just in case you need to put it back).
  5. Now, open up the IAP.csv using Excel.
  6. You’ll see the rows correspond to the different in-app purchases available.  Let’s say you want gems – go to the line with the cheapest gems (pouch of gems – 10 for $0.99):
    2013-12-01 20_42_17-Microsoft Excel - IAP - Copy
  7. Change the value under the “amount String” column.  I’ve done up to 15,000 gems with no problems, but if you’re feeling daring, you can go higher.  Or, if you’re scared, you can go lower.
    2013-12-01 20_42_25-Microsoft Excel - IAP - Copy
  8. Now save your changes and drag-and-drop the edited IAP.csv back into the same folder you found it.
  9. Now you should be able to open up your game and go to the in-app purchase screen (click on the gems at the top) and it will look like this:
    Photo Dec 01, 8 45 33 PM
  10. Click on the first box to buy 15,000 (or however many gems you picked) for $0.99.  You’ll be asked via pop-up to confirm the in-app purchase.  Click yes.
  11. When you’re returned to the game, you should see all those gems added to your account!  Enjoy!
    Photo Dec 01, 8 44 05 PM

You can use this same hack for the coins/money as well if you want, but I think your $0.99 is better spent on gems :)

Did this tutorial help you?  Please let me know in comments!


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