1. Yes!!! Please find a campus holiday hack like this one. I couldn’t find a house parameters folder on campus holiday and there no desk so I don’t know what to do.. Please help find a hack for it! =)

  2. it worked!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!! but no matter how many times i prssd the desk n clicked “awesome”, the gems repeatedly added to my gems accnt xD i just hope i dont get banned! >_<

  3. I did everything right, and when I clicked the desk it said that I got my diamonds, but they were never added to my account :( it still says I had 30 gems like before I did the hack.

  4. I used SQLite to edit my user data and I was able to give myself tons of diamonds & cash but I went overboard the second time and got myself banned. Is there a way to unban myself or do you know how long it generally takes to get a ban lifted?

    • I actually managed to fix it myself by creating a new game center account. I had uninstalled the game and reinstalled it to see if it would fix it but it didn’t, however when I made the new GC account I was able to play but it did revert my progress a little bit. Anyway if you add the gems and money bit by bit you won’t get caught :)

  5. How did you do when you got banned to get a new game? I just got banned and I can’t even start over…. Does anybody know?

  6. I don’t have the desk anymore, and I already have that fancy chair reward when you subcribe to news blah blah. How to hack then? :'( help please!

  7. You’re a true genius! It took me a while to find this hack but I’m so glad I found it.

    For the people who don’t know how to get the desk: I got mine as soon as I reqruited Kim. I din’t recruit her in the game but with the “add any girl you like” hack. When I opened my game aftes that edit, the desk popped up.
    Also, if you get an error message when you try to open your game: make sure your iphone/ipad isn’t linked to your PC anymore. I only get the error message then. If it isn’t linked there is no problem.
    When I get the error message the HouseParameters .csv file resets itself back to 3 gems. No problem though, just edit the file again and place it back. For me back to 150 gems… works everytime!

  8. Hi, I am stuck on step 6. I am not able to change the 4 to a 3. Am I doing something wrong?

    Kind regards

  9. First time it worked but now I can’t get my desk back even when I change the code to number 3 and do all the operations I come back to the game and there is still that silly armchair instead of a desktop

  10. I think they’ve patched it now :( anyway, the instructions showed me some pretty cool stuff so thanks! I didn’t realize how easy it was to look at the games set up!

  11. YOU ARE FANTASTIC! Thank you so much for this hack. I love this game but was frustrated by the lack of progress and price tag associated with success in this game. You are my saviour and I can’t thank you enough for this! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  12. hi and thank you soooo much 4 these hacks u put on!…when i first played campus life i was like what if i could have endless number of gems..and then i found ur website; the only working hacks…I don’t know how you do it but its pretty amazing…i would really like to thank you…now my sorority is amaaazing…all thanks to you…

  13. Hi again..i saw you reply to many questions and i hope you can personally reply to mine…how do you know if u get banned in campus life?….because i did the broken computer hack..but i only changed the value to 1000 and is there anyway this could get me banned?…because when i first did this for a couple of months it worked but then after that when i click the game it would load then the app would immediately close taking me to the iphone homescreen..please help..nd i wasnt being greedy i sweear….(ok maybe a little)

    • Hi Nini – if you get banned, you usually get a pop up message during the loading screen that says something like “problem connecting to the internet” … it sounds like your app is just crashing. Try re-downloading?

      • hi thankyou so much for replying for my issue and yes I re-downloaded the game and the starts all over then, but then they say that they found my old data.The problem now is that the game works for a while and then again the same problem happens…i didnt play campus life for months now…re-downloading doesnt help me wht to do? :((

  14. don’t think this hack works anymore. i followed the steps and clicked on the desk it says thanks for signing up and yet no diamonds are displayed!

  15. i also meant to ask if it makes any difference whether the desk is placed before or after the hack is done. because i dragged the desk out before doing the hack and after that the desk was still in storage. so i had to drag it out again and then it says thanks for signing up but i don’t get the diamond display, so naturally i don’t get any diamonds.

    also, the yacht trick didn’t work *sigh*

  16. If I have 65 girls recruted already this hack will regress my game? or will I still have my 65 girls and everything I alreday do?? thank youuu xx.

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