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Kaidan Leather Jacket Mod

On March 2, 2014
Kaidan's Leather Jacket Mod Replace Kaidan's formal wear in the Citadel DLC with Shepard's leather jacket, because Kaidan is a rock star.  Requires ME3 Explorer and Texmod.

Kaidan Armor Variants

On March 2, 2014

  Kaidan Alenko Armor Variants It is my firm belief that Kaidan is one of the most under-appreciated team mates in the whole ME franchise, so here is some love.

Dangerous Kaidan

On March 2, 2014

Dangerous Kaidan Mod Kaidan has seen some shit.  He's a Spectre now and a BAMF.  And he wants you to know it.  Added eyebrow/eye scar, chest scar, darker 5 o'clock.

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