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Kaidan Hoodie Mod

On March 2, 2014

Kaidan Hoodie Mod This mod replaces Kaidan’s Citadel DLC outfit and/or Kaidan’s Normandy uniform with Shepard’s Hoody (includes Normandy romance scene in Shep’s cabin).  Note: The Normandy mod will replace.


Kaidan Beefcake Mod

On March 2, 2014
Kaidan Beefcake Mod Holy smokes, Kaidan just got a sexiness upgrade.  Comes in black or white t-shirt version.  You can replace his outfit in the Udina shootout scene or his date outfit during the Citadel DLC (where he comes over and cooks steak).  There is...

Kaidan’s Kai Leng Armor

On March 2, 2014

Kaidan A-Leng-ko Armor Mod See what I did there?  Get it?  Anyway, there are two versions of this mod - the AjaxCitadel version allows you to replace Kaidan's Ajax armor.

Kaidan Dress Whites

On March 2, 2014

Kaidan Dress White Mod Replace Kaidan's formal outfit for the Citadel DLC and/or wear in place of the Ajax armor.  This white version of the dress uniform was created by.

Kaidan Leather Jacket Mod

On March 2, 2014

Kaidan's Leather Jacket Mod Replace Kaidan's formal wear in the Citadel DLC with Shepard's leather jacket, because Kaidan is a rock star.  Requires ME3 Explorer and Texmod.

Kaidan Armor Variants

On March 2, 2014

  Kaidan Alenko Armor Variants It is my firm belief that Kaidan is one of the most under-appreciated team mates in the whole ME franchise, so here is some love.

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