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Kaidan Hoodie Mod



Kaidan Hoodie Mod

This mod replaces Kaidan’s Citadel DLC outfit and/or Kaidan’s Normandy uniform with Shepard’s Hoody (includes Normandy romance scene in Shep’s cabin).  Note: The Normandy mod will replace EVERYONE on the Normandy crew’s outfits with the hoody (it’s the only way!).  It will also only be active while crew members and Kaidan are on the Normandy – if they are in scenes on the Citadel, their normal outfits will override the mod.  Comes in blue and black – white version pending.

Download here!

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  1. I have tried to use this with ME3explorer and it keeps saying no valid textures found. I would really like to use it if you can tell me how to fix it.

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