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Kaidan Beefcake Mod



Kaidan Beefcake Mod

Holy smokes, Kaidan just got a sexiness upgrade.  Comes in black or white t-shirt version.  You can replace his outfit in the Udina shootout scene or his date outfit during the Citadel DLC (where he comes over and cooks steak).  There is an issue where he will look wet in some lighting during the Udina scene – like he was just in a wet t-shirt contest.  I can’t figure out how to fix the spec so you’ll just have to embrace it :)  Requires ME3 Explorer and Texmod.  THANKS TO ELE FOR HER PERMISSION TO USE HER ORIGINAL SHEPARD MOD – GET THIS OUTFIT FOR YOUR MSHEP HERE!

Download here!

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  1. I tried to use this mod and thought I did it exactly as it says to . But when I get to citadel to save council his textures are all messed up. So recopied original back into game. Why would this go over his default armor? I thought this took the place of his casual wear.

    • No, he wears his default armor in the save the council scene. I would just install the mod right before the elevator scene – the effects of the mod shouldn’t last past that scene anyway.

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