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Kaidan Dress Whites


2013-11-18 00_33_45-Mass Effect 3

Kaidan Dress White Mod

Replace Kaidan’s formal outfit for the Citadel DLC and/or wear in place of the Ajax armor.  This white version of the dress uniform was created by Sundance on BSN!  Replacing the Ajax armor allows Kaidan to show up in the Citadel DLC after the sushi restaurant in his dapper dress whites :)  Requires ME3 Explorer and Texmod.

Download here!

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  1. Hi! First, your mods rock. Kaidan looks awesome in this! Second, your textures appear to be the Alliance Mess uniform mod by Sundance31us. It’s on the legacy Bioware site here: http://social.bioware.com/project/8644/ Sundance31us has a few other recolors of the dress uniform that look smashing on Kaidan. ;)

  2. hey there! I’ve been trying to install this (just so that Kaidan’s ugly formal wear is replaced) but i’m having problems with DLCEditor not showing .pcc files. Can the file be manually replaced, or does is have to be done with DLCEditor?
    Thanks :D

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