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Kaidan Beefcake for Citadel DLC



Kaidan Beefcake for Citadel DLC Date

It’s not enough to have beefy Kaidan for the Udina scene … you just have to have him for your Citadel DLC date, too :)  Nothing says manly like cooking steak and drinking beer after all.  This version has black or white t-shirt and best of all, he doesn’t look like he’s in a wet t-shirt contest any more (the spec is fixed). :)

Download here!

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  1. Unfortunately something is glitching with this. The directions say that ME3 explorer is supposed to find 3 updates it is only finding 2. What is the third update it is supposed to find? In game, Kaidan’s clothes are coming up as a black absence in the shape of clothes. Nothing there. This is regardless of which tpf file I load into TM.

    • To provide better detail, the correct mesh is there. It’s just the diff, spec, are missing. I’ll try doing a manual replacement in ME3 Explorer.

  2. I’m having problems installing this with tpftools, it says “not found in tree” when trying to install the textures. could be why Kesian is having their problem, if the textures aren’t loading correctly.
    I’m only finding 1 update with the tocbin updater. perhaps this mod is incompatible with the latest revs of me3explorer? I believe the mods were actually made last year, before SVN 632(i think thats the one).
    I’ve been having issues with installing the dress whites mod too, though not the same problem.

  3. You are amazing, talented, creative, awesome, and unique! Pl1ease continue to create these beautiful and unforgettable mods. THANK YOU for all you do!

  4. OK so not sure if you will get this 2 years later or even if you are still checking up on these, but I am new to modding and decided to try my hand at modding my Mass Effect games.. I love this mod and am currently in the process of installing them.. I was just curious if this mod would also work as Kaidan’s Normandy outfit or if I need to do something extra to make it appear on him in the Normandy.. Unfortunately, I only have the Citadel DLC on my PS3 and not on PC so I am hoping that that detail won’t cause an issue! Any info you can provide about that would be greatly appreciated! Your mods are amazing and I can’t wait to use them in game <3 <3

  5. I installed the one for the Citadel DLC date; installed just before I invited him to the apartment. His face is fine. His entire body is black. I restored the original and tried again, same problem. For both the black and white shirt versions. I use plenty of other mods (both just textures and mod replacements). Your readme says that TOCUpdater should find 3 changes; it only finds 1 when I replace the .pcc.

    Unfortunately, for some reason, none of the mods I download from your site work properly. This specific issues appears to have been ongoing (concluding by the comments above mine) for in excess of two years. If you no longer support your mods or they are not compatible with the latest version of ME3Explorer, please put a warning on them.

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