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Samara Armor Variations



Samara Armor Variations

Sometimes, you just want to fight Reapers with your boobs out.  Comes in black, blue, emerald, and original formula red.  Requires ME3 Explorer.

Download here!

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  1. I installed this and it works except for one little detail…. no matter what color I choose, it always shows as red…plus an odd black shimmer in the shadowed areas.
    the dif files show the correct colors when loaded into photoshop elements.
    Any idea what went wrong?

  2. good it is not just me yeah mine shows up as the weird red/pink with no colour and weird shades. I am confident I have done it right though as I have modded casual outfits from this site and have another armour mod that works fine. I have this mod on my defender armour and have tried to put the aria alliance one on terminus(sorry don’t really remember the name of the other armor) but also has exact weird red colour. I would happily donate to this site if I could use these armours. I am a noob as only got this a couple of days ago, so don’t really know too much about this, anyone know why this is happening or have a fix?

  3. Ive had the same problem with this mod and others. have noticed that the version of me3explore has a lot to do with textures and mods not working. So depending on which version of explorer this been made with will determine if it will work for you or not and if you update to the newest version of explorer old mods you may have used may not work also you have to vanilla your game as much as possible when updating and rescanning through texplorer

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