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Ashley Tunic Variations



Ashley Tunic Variations

What’s hotter than Ash’s armor?  Her casual tunic.  Comes in smoldering red, little black dress, and original formula blue.  Requires ME3 Explorer.

Download here!

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  1. Hi, special thanks for this mod, it is one of my most favourite outfits! I have a question to ask. Do you mind your outfits converted to XnaLara? I have made a request about converting my Shepard to XnaLara, and if I’ll get a positive answer, I’m considering this or Miranda’s outfit (most likely the black version of one of these) as the one of the most possible ones I would like to choose as a primary armor. So would you mind that? As well if you’ll agree, I wanted to ask for your permission to remove the N7 and the Alliance logo for that. I’m considering few ideas of picturing post-ME3 events when Shepard won’t be with the Alliance. Of course I will credit you as an author of an outfit despite of any changes.
    Thanks for your time.

  2. Came here to have some fun with my old ME3, I wanted to put those nice models and textures. But I’m kinda nubie on that, but there is no instruction inside. Which one of the dds inside is the black N7?

  3. I mean, the color is obviously shown on my Paint.net but I’m still a bit lost in the Explorer. I’m going to try the black dds and I guess that the Ash_Chest… is the second to be inserted. I will go for it I hope I’m doing it right. Thanks for the mod selection looks great.

  4. okay, the diff is all over the place, it’s four in one, like a patchwork quilt.
    Imagine one .dds image, and let’s split it into four sections for “easy visualising”:
    Top left is Miranda’s white ME2 outfit, top right is blank black, bottom left is Ashley’s blue/black/red tunic, bottom right is grey i dunno, shows skin i guess.
    (cuz ya never know) http://postimg.org/image/rxtm5covx/
    (when something) http://i60.tinypic.com/xbbjft.png
    (will go and fail) http://www.imagesup.net/?di=1214155644007

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