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Miranda Catsuit Variations








Miranda Catsuit Variations

Channel your inner space diva with your choice of versions of Miranda’s white outfit.  Requires ME3 Explorer.

  • Black N7
  • White N7
  • Custom Black – black and gold plating
  • Custom White – white and gold plating
  • Custom Red – black and red leather

Download here!


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  1. Hi, I’m a little confused on which files are needed to use this? I’m trying to use the Black N7 outfit.

    Right now, I have the following files.

    Are there anymore files I need to install this mod?

    • What are the extensions of the files you’re trying to use? If you’re manually installing, you’ll need .psk or .udk as well as the .dds files. If you are simple installing (which sounds more likely in your case), you need the .pcc and .tpf files.

  2. Edit: after manually installing, and saving the changes, And also Updating the PCConsoleTOC.bin.. When I booted ME3 up, the game crashed.

  3. i have a problem. i did everything in your tutorial and was able to successfully swap the dress with miranda’s armor. the problem is, shepard’s neck looks wierd now. one side looks normal, while the other is white. also, the armor itself doesn’t look right. like, the specs are off, but i know i did everything correct.

  4. nvm, for some reason it wont save the .spec file. it says it saves it, but when i close out and open it again, it shows the spec file of the dress, and not miranda’s outfit. is there a reason why it’s doing this?

  5. nvm i figured it out. when i was saving, it was saving the .spec file, and the file it was associated with, so everytime i saved both, it overwritten it. so i only selected the .spec file to be saved after changing it, and it worked.

  6. i guess the owner of this mod doesn’t watch for posts here anymore. either that, or she’s really busy. either way, i guess i’ll continue to wait until she responds to my post about uploading miranda’s normal outfit.

  7. I need help replacing one of the armors (Terminus first, then N7 Defender) with this mod. I followed all the steps in your tutorial, but I have a few issues:

    1.) The helmet is unaffected by any of the changes, and is still present when the armor is equipped. I managed to get the actual body to use the outfit, but that leads to 2.

    2.) While the body is properly showing the catsuit, the skin parts are still the same color as the armor, and the whole thing in general looks off.

    3.) This is unrelated to the armor, but any help you can give with this would be greatly appreciated. I used the black catsuit to replace the outfit in the beginning Earth mission of the game. It did work, but only for the dirty/bloodied version. The clean one is still using the original textures but it’s all blotchy and ugly.

    I am no expert on ME3 modding (in fact I’m a newbie), so if you could help me out, I’d appreciate it.

    • 1. Use Mother of all Mods (coalesced mod) to unlock helmetless armors :) 2. If you replace armor, the skin will always look weird. Skin only ever look right if you replace a casual appearance. 3. There are two different textures associated with the intro scene – you have to replace both the standard and the dirty version, I believe :)

      • I’ve given up on the armor ever looking right haha. Now I just do a quick save edit to use casual outfits in combat instead. Kind of a dirty fix but it works, and it’s a heck of a lot easier than trying to replace stuff haha.

        I’m still having issues with the casual outfit though. I replaced all the textures for both clean and dirty version, as well as replacing the mesh, but the clean version is still all blotchy and ugly.

  8. Seems i have a problem the spec didn’t want to replace saying it was a wrong type of file even though i used the spec dds oh and where do i put the upk udk the me2mirandaoutfit.upk file

  9. It seems the .dds diff file for the black n7 catsuit isn’t in the downloads (6th & 7th picture displayed here)

    • I tried using the black dds file in the downloads and it turned out really ‘shiny’ and it was without the n7 logo, exactly like the one in the first 2 pics displayed on here. Could you pls include them in the downloads if I’m right… Thanks, the black n7 catsuit looks amazing

  10. anyone tell me which armor is the best one to be replaced with this? N7 default armor is full of pieces :/

  11. I don’t know if you’re still checking here or not, but I’m gonna take my chances. I’m wondering if this mod could only replace Defender armor? Because when I tried to replace Terminus armor with this mod, it looked so wrong. Like a neon, kind of glowing, just… wrong (Sorry, I forgot to take a screenshot >_<")

    I tried to replace the GREY Defender Armor (FBDg) too, but the problem still exist. When I tried to use the Dread Pirate Armor (your mod too), the same thing also happened, but it fixed because it looks like I use the wrong .spec file.

    But this mod only have one .spec file, so… do you have any idea with what's wrong? Or this mod really limited to replace Defender Armor (FBDa) only? I already replaced FBDa with another armor mod (can't change it into another, since the mod-maker already made it automatically replace the FBDa)

    Also, I'm confused with this one too I already tried to replaced that one to either armor or casual appearance, but still get the same result with this Catsuit problem, also the skin parts is white (not following Shepard's skin color).

    I'll really appreciated it if you use your time to answer my questions :)

    Thanks before.

  12. Hi, guys I need some help. I did everything to install this “cat” thing, followed your guide, but I think I changed the wrong textures. There isn’t this costume there are shepard dress looking so teribble . So how I sholud fix it ? Can anyone help me ?

  13. I manged to change textures of defender armor but after 2 hours with god know how much viewed tutorials I havent managed to change mesh (since I am noob I guess upk file have something to do with that) Can some1 pls share with me his knowlegde, how I can change mesh of defender armor with this .upk file which is provided with this download?

  14. I installed it and it looks great! Except the lower half, her pants, are silvery most of the time; like, sometimes in cutscenes at certain angles itll be black but otherwise its a greyish color – and shiny. I used the black_diff, norm_fix, and spec_FBDa dds files. Did I maybe use the wrong file to get the black version?

  15. Hi I have a Problem: I managed to change the textures but not the armor.
    The Meshplorer shows me the outfit of Miranda, but ingame I can only use Shepard’s uniform with weird weird textures of Miranda’s one.
    I first tried to install the mod with the new ME3 Explorer (the game did not load) then I did the same thing with the old ME3 Explorer, that is posted somewhere on this side.
    Can someone help me?

  16. Can someone point me to where I can get a tutorial of modding outfits? I’m a beginner and I’ve seen nothing but hair mod tuts but no outfit ones. I would really appriciate help to install this one.

  17. I can get the black version to work, but I can’t seem to get it to be shiny like the first few preview pictures, only the matte look of the rest. Can anyone be of assistance?

  18. decided to do a playthrough of ME2 and ME3 after years away. i’ve forgotten how i got to wear miranda / liana outfits as both armours and fashion (i just re-installed ME2 today)… are all your mods here ME3 only (all say require ME3 Explorer) or can they be used in ME2?
    i never used ME3 explorer back then, and i semi-remember manually typing codes into the coalesced.ini with notepad++ and then ‘fixing’ them.
    anyway, can i use any of your mods in ME2 ? does ME3 explorer work for that?
    – and is there a quick idiot guide to adding wearable outfits (just want liana and miranda armor really) – i’ve already done the hair with Gibbed save edit, and weapons directly on the ini + fix

      • ah – all these for ME3…
        probably 3/4 through ME2 (again) and found the codes for teamates armors. cant get miranda’s black variant to work as armor (works fine on the normandy) – but got the white, and the white ‘undone’ version where she shows her bra (from the romance scene) to work as both armor and clothing. though morinth armor is what i mostly use atm. might run through it twice coz i think it unlocks stuff on second run through and generate a save from that to import into ME3.

  19. So, I’m having a weird issue. I’m using the regular black set. The mesh is fine, looks correct, but my textures look really messed up. There are brown and different shades of black stripes and pieces placed randomly on the mesh and white over some of the opening on the chest. Obviously I did something wrong but I can’t figure it out.

    I used CTH_R for the mesh and CTHk for the textures. I’m using black_diff, the only norm, and the regular spec(not the FBDa one). It only started happening after I added moam(armor part only) but I redid the outfit at the same time so I’m not 100% sure if that was it. Heard of anyone having this issue with moam? I’ve redone it 3 times so I’m out of ideas.

    Your mods are fantastic, I use a ton of them :)

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