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Mass Effect: 21 Mods to Make ME3 Feel Brand New Again


***UPDATE 27 DEC 2013: Since BSN took down their mods, some/most of these links are dead.  I will be putting up a new post in the near future with an updated list of awesome mods … subscribe to my site or like it on Facebook to get notified when it goes up! :) ***

If you’re like me, you’re probably on your nth playthrough of this game already.  Here are some mods that will make your next playthrough feel like your first:

Environmental Mods:


HD Texture mods for EVERYTHING

Ottemis has made HD mods for literally everything in the game, from characters to weapons to environments.  Seriously a feast for the eyes.


HD Citadel DLC

This pack of mods beautifies the best DLC ever!


Improved Cerberus Smoke Screen

Now when the enemy pops smoke, you can stare at how thick and beautiful the plume is.


New Pictures in Dr. Bryson’s Lab

If you have the Leviathan DLC, you can change up the wall art in Dr. Bryson’s lab with this mod.


Alternate Paperwork

Changes the appearance of all the random paperwork scattered around the ME universe.  You wouldn’t think it makes a big difference but it does!


New Logos on Vega’s Shirt

A fun way to spice up Vega’s look.  Lots of choices!


Change Bedding on Shepard’s Bed

Changes the covers on Shepard’s bed – choose from a bunch of different comforters to make your captain’s quarters comfy.


Change Picture on Shepard’s Desk

There is an empty frame on Shepard’s Desk that is waiting for you to fill it with a picture – my favorite is the Biotic God volus photo, but you can choose from pretty much any NPC.

Outfit Mods:


N7 Armor for Everyone

Give all your squadmates the gift of N7 armor


Informal Suit for Shepard

If you want a black Carth Onasi-esque outfit (also comes in original tan) for Shep to show off his guns (of the muscle variety) in, this is it.  Looks badass and also a little homoerotic, so win win!


Leather Jacket for Shepard

The perfect off-duty jacket.


Black Alliance Uniform for Shepard

Ever think the original Alliance uniform just isn’t badass enough for your Renegade Shep?  Change it to a sleek black version to play up the red in your cybernetic implants (Broshep and Femshep compatible).


Alliance Dress Whites for Shepard

Nothing is hotter than dress whites, am I right ladieeez?  Works on both Broshep and Femshep.

Femshep Mods:


Sims Hair for FemShep

This is my personal hair mod of choice for my Femshep that says I’m girly and playful but I’ll still kill you.


Brooks Hair for FemShep

Ah, Brooks.  You are a worthless waste of space, but your hair looks great.  Let’s put it on Shepard!


Ashley Hair for FemShep

Ashley’s hair for Shep.  Looks amazing if you’re building a platinum blonde Shep.


Femshep Texture Overhaul

Makes your Femshep face super beautiful, like she just had a facial.


Less Makeup Default FemShep

Sometimes I’m on board with Shep wearing lipstick to match the color of her enemies’ blood, but other times, I’m like wash your damn face.  This mod gives Default Femshep a more natural look.


Long Sleeved Dress for FemShep

Seriously, is anything fuglier than Bioware’s dress for Shep’s black tie events?  This dress comes in lace and black and at least looks normal, though the hideous shoes still can’t be helped.


Scruffy Kaidan

I filed this under Femshep though I know Broshep can romance Kaidan too – anyway, if you want Kaidan to look like he was too busy boning Shepard to shave, this is the mod for you.


Happy Ending for Femshep & Kaidan Romances

This is a must have mod for Shenko fans!  It basically replaces the endscene of Mass Effect with one that shows Kaidan carrying Shep out of the London rubble and then both of them appearing out of the Normandy on the jungle planet – yes, the timeline is a little off but who cares!

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  1. Yeah I didn’t include individual armor mods for NPCs cuz there are too many out there to count :) Do you have any recommendations?

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