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Mass Effect: The Highest Score in Multiplayer and How to Achieve It


I know score doesn’t matter on Mass Effect multiplayer, but sometimes you just want the satisfaction of seeing your name up at the top of the screen, don’t pretend like you don’t!  So, here’s my guide on how to get the highest score (without stealing kills or cheating or acting like an asshole):


Rule #1: ME3MP is not a zero-sum game.

As you can see in the photo above, you can score high without your teammates scoring low.  I think anything over 100k in a single match is a decent score and 3/4 people in the above match scored well above that threshold while the top scorer (spoiler alert, it’s me, ha!  Drell Assassin FTW) has over 260k.  In general, the better your entire team is together, the higher you will all score.

Rule #2: Don’t steal kills – prime explosions instead.

Or do steal kills, whatever.  It doesn’t matter.  Your points are calculated based on your points of damage inflicted, not how many enemies you kill.  The important thing that most people don’t take into account is priming tech/biotic explosions.  If you are the primer, you get the points for the kill/explosive damage.  That means even if you don’t do anything other than hit an enemy with a single Warp, you’ll still get a lot of points.

Rule #3: Pay attention to Damage Per Second (DPS).

If you want to be top scorer, don’t play as a supporting role, play as a character who can deal a lot of damage quickly.  You can read my past post on weapon DPS to see how weapons’ base DPS stack up, but keep in mind the bonuses individual characters can achieve with their powers or headshots.  Though you can generally use any character to score over 200k, stay away from the Geth Juggernaut Soldier or the Volus classes if that’s what you’re trying to do.

Here’s my list of combinations/builds that consistently score above 200k in a match (note that some of these builds are glitched to be maxed out – read my post on the 6/6/6/6/6 glitch to do the same):

1.  Drell Assassin Infiltrator w/Cerberus Harrier


This is one of my favorite classes to play with.  Works best if you equip Disruptor Ammo, Power Efficiency Module, Assault Rifle Amp, and Warfighter Package.  Keep popping your Recon Mine in the middle of the enemies and blowing it up as often as you can.  If you shoot at enemies with Disruptor Ammo equipped, you can detonate a fire explosion by blowing up the Recon Mine or hitting them with the Homing Grenade.  Use your tactical cloak to keep aggro off yourself – the reason I didn’t recommend a sniper rifle to take advantage of the cloak’s weapon damage bonus is that the DPS is higher with the Harrier and shorter power recharge speed of Recon Mine.

2.  Turian Ghost Infiltrator w/Cerberus Harrier



This combination is super OP, it almost gets boring to play with it.  Works best with Incendiary Ammo, Assault Rifle Amp, Power Amp, and Warfighter Package.  The incendiary ammo and your Overload power will cause Fire Explosions while your Cloak gives you a substantial damage bonus on your assault rifle.  I use Stimpaks very often for their assault rifle damage bonus as well, even if my shields are already full.

3.  Asari Valkyrie Sentinel w/Piranha (small maps like Glacier only)


This is my favorite character for small maps like Glacier and Reactor where you’re not getting hit by enemies from all the way across the map.  The best equipment for this is Warp Ammo, Shotgun Rail Amp, Cyclonic Modulator, and Adaptive War Amp.  Always keep Tech Armor and Annihilation Field active.  You’ll want to run up close enough to enemies for your Annihilation Field to take effect, hit them with warp to cause a biotic explosion, and finish them off with your shotgun.  For boss-types, back away a little bit and then run back into range to charge them with Annihilation Field again so that you can warp them again for more explosions.  Trust me, you’ll need the Cyclonic Modulator since you’ll be getting so up close and personal with enemies.

4.  Geth Infiltrator w/Javelin or Piranha



This build is really designed more for the Piranha, but it works decently with a sniper rifle as well.  I like to use Armor Piercing Rounds, Cyclonic Modulator, Sniper Rifle Rail Amp, and Sniper Rifle Amp (gear) on this character (replacing the Sniper Rifle amps with Shotguns if I’m using the Piranha, obviously).  Make sure your Hunter Mode is always on and you’re constantly popping Proximity Mines at the feet of your enemies.  With the Piranha, you can take down an atlas in 1 and a half clips and with the Javelin, you can take one down in 3 well-placed shots.

5.  Asari Justicar Adept w/Piranha or Acolyte


This character is one of the most underrated IMHO.  I like to use Power Amplifier Module, Warp Ammo, Shotgun/Pistol Rail Amp, and Adaptive War Amp.  The reason this character is such a consistently high scorer is that it basically gets credit/points for every biotic/tech explosion it primes.  Just constantly use Reave on enemies or make sure they pass through your bubble and you’ll get points for the resulting explosion that will inevitably happen when one of your teammates hits it with any power.

Got any more tips to score high on Mass Effect Multiplayer?  Let me know in comments!



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  1. I have been using asari justicar like you mentioned. Constantly, ly reaving and using incendiary ammo I claim kills for both biotic and fire explosions. My gun is either acolyte or talon but if I feel alright the executioner pistol does the job. High points indeed.
    Also it is one of the most tanky classes because of the reave have you noticed?
    BTW I spec out pull and distribute points to shield so, tanky.

    • I used to use the Acolyte with the Justicar as well, with the bonus on powers – it works very very well! Because of the way I play (basically run up to enemies and pop a bubble to stagger them), I switched to the Piranha and it works pretty well, too. But I should definitely adjust my post to include the Acolyte because that works better a lot of times, too! I’m glad to see someone else playing with the Justicar :) SO underrated!

  2. N7 Paladin with a power-oriented build (Snap Freeze FTW) or a Geth Trooper with Flamer oriented build (Reegar+Flamer glitch) are great for topping the charts too.

  3. Oh yeah, Geth Trooper is awesome – that flamer primes everything! My personal experience with the Paladin is that it goes down too quickly – how is yours specced out?

  4. god, not even fucking close. you can see a screenshot of my manifest here http://wp.me/a3zTe2-s0 but basically I don’t even have half of the Ultra Rare weapons maxed out. It doesn’t bother me functionally since I only really use the Harrier and Javelin but I know how many credits I’ve spent and it disgusts me that I haven’t maxed out more :)

    • That still looks pretty good- you’re well on your way. How many hours have you logged? And do you play platinum often?

      • Good lord, I’m embarrassed to tell you. Let’s just say it’s in the triple digits. :) Yes, I play platinum a couple times a week – if you’re on xbox, email your GT to me at girlplaysgameblog@gmail.com and I’ll add you!

  5. Yesterday I played one of the most interesting Platinum matches where I saw (and helped) someone topping the meters in a really awesome way.

    I was a Volus Adept and this guy was a N7 Slayer, specced and geared for maximum Phase Disruptor damage. With me following the Slayer and constantly Shield Boosting, he raped Banshees and other stuff in seconds with the Phase Disruptor spam.

    I’m not a huge fan of the N7 Slayer, but that guy made me drop my jaw. Phase Disruptor is a really hard power to use unless you have perfect aim, since it doesn’t “lock” on targets like other powers (Warp/Throw/etc.)

    Just sharing this tactic. The Volus is not a key-element, since the Slayer can instantly recover shields by Charging, but it helps a lot. Also, he specced his Charge for Area Damage and used Incendiary Ammo to trigger Tech Bursts. Pretty impressive.

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