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Dragon Age: Everything You Need to Know About Dragon Age: Inquisition


So, by now hopefully you’ve all seen the Game Informer article on Dragon Age: Inquisition and if you’re like me, you can’t wait for 2014!  For everyone who doesn’t have access to Game Informer, here are some highlights and pictures I pulled for you:

9 Facts About DA:I


1.  You are an Inquisitor.


2.  The setting is 10 years after the events of DA:O.


3.  The big conflicts:  Mages vs. Chantry, Templars split from Chantry, civil war in Orlais, and demons falling out of the sky


4.  You can play as Human, Dwarf, or Elf.


5.  Character customization will be like DA:O except it will be fully voice acted like DA2.


6.  The game is going to be huge.  Vast environments, beautiful scenery.  It won’t be linear but it won’t be open environment like Skyrim, either.


7.  You get a horse to ride.

tumblr_mr4le4iqNK1qbrceqo7_500 (1)

8.  You not only rank up your character, but also the Inquisition itself (sounds like it will be similar to Galactic Readiness in ME3).


9.  Morrigan will not be a companion but she will play a part in the story.

Well, those are things that have been verified.  Here is some speculation, courtesy of me:

7 Speculations About DA:I


1.  There will be a multiplayer mode. [probable]

With the success of ME3’s coop multiplayer and the fact that they will include a similar Galactic Readiness-type score in DA:I, I certainly think that a multiplayer for DA:I is in the works.


2.  Cullen will be a romance/companion option. [probable]

Cullen the templar is a huge fan favorite from the previous DA games.  With Bioware’s history of listening to its fans, I would be really surprised if Cullen wasn’t included in DA:I.


3.  We will be seeing Alistair, the Warden, Hawke, Bethany/Carver, and other old characters again. [probable]

Much like ME3 was a big Mass Effect reunion, I think DA:I will be the same, with cameos from old friends.


4.  You will be able to play as a Qunari. [probable]

This is speculation based on the concept art that has been released – a lot of Qunari over-the-shoulder first person views, you know?  I think this may be a bonus feature that will be downloadable, at the very least.


5.  Cassandra and Varric are going to have the best companion banters. [probable]

Just sayin’.


6.  You will be able to romance Varric but only as a dwarf. [possible]

I don’t know why there is such a desire among fan girls to romance Varric, but I think he makes it clear in DA:2 that he’s not interested in humans.  I think he will be a romance option for a dwarf Inquisitor, given that the demand is there.


7.  Different mounts for different races. [wild guess]

Ok, I think it’s been confirmed that the “mount” for DA:I is going to be a horse, but can you picture a Dwarven Inquisitor trying to mount a full-size horse?  I think other mounts will be included in DA:I, at least as DLC.  Better yet, I hope we get to ride dragons!

Did I miss anything in this post?  What are some of your speculations (wild or otherwise) for Dragon Age: Inquisition?  Let me know in comments!



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  1. Multiplayer sounds really fun indeed. Would be nice to have a coop mode similar to ME3, where you fight hordes of enemies in succession and upgrade/unlock characters.

    • Yes, I would play the hell out of multiplayer! It would be such an interesting dynamic but I hope it’s not too much like MMORPG …

  2. I want Morrigon and Alistair! Seriously, DA and DA2 felt like two very different games. I like the readiness idea and I LOVE the co-op possibility. However, my character in Origins played so differently from the second installment (Hawke) that it almost doesn’t feel natural for the 3rd one to really naturally merge the two. Not sure what to think yet. Oh, and where is the adorable Liliana?

    • I like the combat in DA2 better but obviously the world/characters/romances in DA better. I just hope when they bring all the characters back to DA:I, they don’t uglify them like they did to poor Alistair and Zevran in DA2!

  3. I have just stumbled upon your Tumblr page and was very happy to find your website. Not only for this amazing bit of information on one of the games I am most excited for but also just to find someone who is so like minded in their gaming choices as I am! Thank you for being so awesome!

    • Thank YOU for being so sweet! I hope we are already following each other on Tumblr … if not let me know and I will follow you :)

  4. Do you know if we can have a romance with the same gender? xD Just asking…though, I’ll never find another Leliana..not in RL not in-game. XD

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