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Mass Effect 3: First Look Retaliation DLC – All the New Characters and Weapons


Here is a list of all the new characters in the DLC and their powers.  Yes, there are VOLUS characters!  Haha.  While these are all the characters that will be available eventually, only four have been released thus far – Turian Ghost, Turian Havoc, Volus Adept, and Volus Engineer – The Turian are Rare and the Volus are Ultra Rare.

Volus (Stasis, Biotic Orbs, Shield Boost)
Krogan Shaman (Barrier, Shockwave, Warp)
Batarian Slasher (Warp, Cluster Grenade, Lash)

Turian Havoc ( Cryo Blast, Havoc Strike, Stimulant Pack)
Geth Trooper (Hunter Mode, Flamer, Fortification)
Quarian Marksman (Marksman, Tactical Scan, Sabotage)

Volus (Proximity Mine, Shield Boost, Recon Mine)
Turian Saboteur (Sabotage, Sentry Turret, Homing Grenade)
Vorcha Hunter (Bloodlust, Incinerate, Submission Net)

Volus Mercenary (Decoy, Combat Drone, Shield Boost)
Asari Valkyrie (Tech Armor, Annihilation Field, Warp)

Turian Ghost (Overload, Tactical Cloak, Stimulant Pack)
Drell Assasin (Tactical Cloak, Homing Grenade, Recon Mine)
Asari Huntress (Tactical Cloak, Dark Channel, Warp)

Volus Protector (Biotic Charge, Biotic Orbs, Shield Boost)
Batarian Brawler (Biotic Charge, Blade Armor, Lash)

Some of the new weapons and gear available are:

Responder Loadout – Medi Gel Capacity +1, Shield Regen Speed +4% (at level I)

Armored Compartments – Stores additional thermal clips and missiles (#?)

Assault Loadout – Armor capacitors boost the kinetic coil in handheld weapons for greater firing power, and larger compartments allow for more thermal clips (#?)

Drill Rounds – Allows ammunition to pass great distances through cover and other objects

Medi-Gel Transmitter – Short-range transmitters control medi-gel dispensers in teammates’ armor, reviving self and nearby teammates simultaneously, range 10 meters (at level I)

Explosive Rounds – Rounds detonate after a short period rather than on impact

Phasic Rounds – Break through enemy shields, increasing damage

Survivor Loadout – Ops Survival Pack Capacity +1, Shield Strength +6% (at level I)

Collector SMG – Ultra Rare

Collector Sniper Rifle – Rare

Collector Rifle – Rare

Also, has anyone else noticed the changes to Firebase White and Firebase Glacier?  The little room that people camp in in Glacier is GONE and there is a new staircase leading down to the room in Firebase White where people normally camp.  Fun!

These are just the things I’ve managed to unlock after 2.5 million credits … let me know in comments if you have anything to add!

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