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Mass Effect 3: Infinite Missile Glitch Still Works Post-Patch


APRIL 1 2013 UPDATE:  The Infinite Missile Glitch still lives on!  Click on my latest blog post to find out the “new” way to do it!

Ok my loyal readers, I just confirmed that the following infinite missile glitch still works after downloading the patch and new Retaliation DLC AND after the most recent balance changes to the Krysae and Acolyte.  Thanks and credit goes to Mass3 for sharing this in the comments:

Here is what you need:

1- At least one rocket/missile
2- An explosive gun (Striker, falcon, krysae, acolyte, etc.)
3- A gun that requires a charge up before it fires (Harpoon, GPS)

Step 1: With the charging weapon equipped, press and hold the RT and UP on the d-pad for a count of 8-10 seconds causing your weapon to charge up.

Step 2 : Let go of both buttons at the same time.  This should cause your charging weapon to fire one shot and then your character (best to be the Destroyer with extra Ammo capacity gear) should automatically pull out the cobra missile launcher.

Step 3 : Once your character has finished the animation of pulling out the cobra missile launcher, press/hold X to switch back to your charging weapon.

The glitch should now be activated and you can either use your Krysae to fire the missiles and you can switch to your explosive weapon which acts as a missile.

Notes:  This version of the glitch can be used in any player spot except the host.  Therefore, 3 people may do it at the same time in a match.  This method will also work every single game but it may not work the first time you try it in the game so you just have to keep trying it, which you can do as much as you want because this method does not require you to use/waste any missiles.  Like the other missile glitch, this glitch will turn off if you take cover against a wall and you will not be able to get ammo from ammo boxes while in this glitch.

Let me know if you plan on using this or if you are disappointed in Bioware for not fixing the glitch in the comments!

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  1. i woundr if there is away to do it with the venom shotgun it has charge up plus explosive round like the striker on the third/last shot,il try i couple of things with that and let u no of my progress.

    • That’s a very difficult way to do the glitch. There is a much easier way with less steps and room for error but thanks. The web page is awesome

    • You know, Lone Wolf isnt like…hard to get, at all.

      Firebase Glacer, Geth, Gold, Kroguard. Pulled a solo on my first try. Its a lot easier, wont get you banned if caught and is very good for venting stress. Nothing like one shot killing Pyro’s on Gold and smacking around Primes for fun. The only thing you have to be somewhat mindful of is the Objective waves, but even they arent but so bad.

    • Yo, I’ve tried the glitch and it worked twice but since then it hasn’t worked, so if you know an easier way to do the glitch then lemme know.

  2. im hearing alot about this rocket glitch but knowone has said how to do it proper the one with the ark pistol dont work just wastesrockets so is there away or is it just people tryin to waste othe peoples times

    • It might be patched by now, given that this post was several months ago by now. The unfortunate truth is that BioWare has been fixing absolutely everything that they can get any info on – and they do search the web for it rather frequently. The unfortunate part about that is that people like GPG here either post it and let people use it for an unsaid amount of time, and it gets patched before long, or they keep it for themselves ( 90% of glitch users will do this ) and it never gets patched until someone else pops it up.

      Point being, it’s likely no longer usable, plain and simple.

    • Doesn’t seem to work for me. All it does is fire off a round and then to switch immediately to my missiles then to fire them off automatically.

  3. I’ve seen people doing this glitch lately, but I can’t seem to get it to work following this guide, or any similar ones. When I click the trigger and d-pad up, it just shoots and then swaps to the missile launcher. I played 2 rounds with a random person who did the glitch both matches. He used an Arc Pistol as his charge up weapon. I should have messaged him and asked if he was willing to share his tactic, but I assumed more people online would have already figured out and posted guides/videos. Sorry my post isn’t more helpful. I seem to be adding on to the list of current problems. Also, I’m playing on PS3, if that makes any difference (it hasn’t in the past.)

    • Update! I got in touch with someone who has been doing the glitch, and he responded to my question with a short guide on how to do the missile glitch. This is only verified on PS3! Everyone on 360 and PC will have to try it themselves.

      1. Equip a Striker with desired mods, and an Arc Pistol
      2. Enter the game and begin to charge your Arc Pistol
      3. Switch to the missile launcher and fire all your missiles EXCEPT your last one
      4. Fire the last missile and hold down the trigger
      5. Hold the trigger for 5+ seconds, don’t let go
      (For the next step DO NOT leg go of the trigger or the glitch will possibly fail)
      6. Switch to your Arc Pistol, keep holding
      7. Switch to Striker, now you can let go
      8. Blast away!

      The rest of the rules remain the same: use the Destroyer to get ammo, you can’t activate objectives, can’t take cover, can’t revive, etc. Also you can’t be host. I’ve been doing this glitch for a few games now, so it’s guaranteed to work.

      • Everyone probably already knows, but you no longer need to charge up a weapon before hand. Just shoot all the rockets until you have 1 left. Then hold the trigger after shooting it, wait for the click, and swap weapons while still holding the trigger. I’ve tested it and gotten it to work numerous times.

  4. Because this is cheating, I am disappointed that BioWare didn’t fixed it (if it’s still possible).

    I play and give all my best without cheating and then comes someone along with his rocket launcher and this glitch… Where is the fun when you’re cheating?

  5. 1) N7 Destroyer with Adas Anti-Synthetic Rifle (or Striker Assault Rifle).
    2) Fire last rocket, but don’t let go of trigger.
    3) Keep holding trigger for 7 seconds until you hear clicking.
    4) While holding trigger, press and hold X to switch to Adas (or Striker).
    5) You should be holding both trigger and X. When rifle has past your ear, let go of both buttons.
    6) Only non-leaders can do this. You must enter the lobby as the 2nd or 3rd player. You must always have a person in the lobby below you. (The order will not change in successive games if you stay in the lobby. Even if you appear on top or bottom.)
    7) Credit goes to video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcqzQ1SKuiQ

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