1. Robine, I really would like to acquire some art stuff you do, but I would kind of like something original and not based on other’s IP (even if it is our all-time-favorite BioWare’s IP)… :P. Don’t get me wrong, this stuff is really inspired and amazingly well executed but still… So what do you say, can I have something more Robineish? XD XD XD

    • Hi Arnie! Haha, I haven’t done anything original in so long – I kind of gave up on art because it’s so time consuming. Any ideas or inspiration for me?

      • I dunno XD, I like you very much (as you know) and you feel like a real Renaissance Man/Woman/Girl/Whatever XD (you seen that movie (very old one with Danny DeVito), btw? XD): you have a lot of talent in a lot of areas (you have a good head for math and science, you paint, you do digital arts, damn you even write very well) but the lack of inspiration might be a general issue for you… :) You need focus, maybe some discipline and resolve with those you could achieve quite a lot, I think. Join an art class, you are still very young and (as I recall) you are a New Yorker so there must be tons of possibilities around you. I know that you like computer games and I do not say that you should not play but maybe, just maybe you should try to balance things a bit differently, you are wasting your talents IMHO, believe me I know from experience and they say it is never too late to change things – you might find it harder and harder later on… :( You have everything to materialize your own fantasies and creativity you do not have to live on other’s like most of us… :)

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