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Ultimate Mass Effect Modding Tutorial


I get a bajillion questions a day on how to mod.  Well, here is everything that I know.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m just an amateur who figured out how to do stuff from reading the interwebs, so if you have really advanced questions, I probably can’t help.  But this information should set you along the right track to modding your heart out! :)

Installation & Gameplay:

How to install most Mass Effect mods – a video tutorial

How to install Femshep hair mods

How to install MShep hair mods

How to make animated GIFs from Fraps

The Basics:

Texture Modding – Part 1 – Extracting Textures

Texture Modding – Part 2 – Editing Textures

Texture Modding – Part 3 – Replacing Textures


Mesh Modding

Custom Face Textures

Hair Modding

Super Advanced:

Creating Custom Meshes and Textures



Why won’t Mass Effect mods work?! A troubleshooting guide

Links to Other Modders I LOVE

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  1. Dear girlplaysgames,
    I recently emailed you about, wanting to be friends with you through xbox.
    I don’t know if you’ve seen it but, it’s on your gmail. Also, I wanted to inquire you about something. I recently stumbled upon an image that resembles your mods a lot. I wonder if you could show me how to get this similar face in mass effect 2 and 3.
    Here’s the image

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