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Skyrim: 22 Best Lore-Friendly, Non-Skimpy, but Still Sexy Armor Mods for Females


While there are numerous skimpy mod lists out there for Skyrim and even a few non-skimpy mod lists, I haven’t found any good lists yet addressing my particular need for lore-friendly, non-skimpy, but still sexy mods for females. I mean, I want my Skyrim character to be a badass – IMHO that’s pretty hard to do when she’s wearing butt floss – but I also want her to be feminine and sexy. So, if you’re facing the same dilemma, read on for a collection of my favorite armor and clothing mods for a female Dovahkiin!

For your mage:

Battlemage Armor – strike a good balance between mage and rogue with this armor.

Leliana Armor – sure, the chantry symbol isn’t really lore-friendly, but the armor is a great choice for a rogue/mage character.

Blood Witch – I love the details in all of Zerofrost’s armor. Blood witch is no exception. My favorite part of this armor is the gloves – so much gorgeous detail, and perfect for palming fireballs.

Raven Witch – another perfect mod from Zerofrost … without the cape, this mod could be very rogue-ish as well.

TERA Humdrobe – a great choice for a pure mage. Looks super dramatic with some warpaint!

Nilfgaardian Mage – this adorable outfit from Witcher is perfect for your aspiring mage.

Hit the jump for Skyrim armors for your rogue, warrior, and forsworn … click NEXT below to keep reading!

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  1. How’d you know I was looking for armor just today? Unfortunately, I was looking for my male character but a few of these have male versions.

  2. I like these, especially the Yurika one.
    My favorite of all, though, is Tribunal armor
    Silverlight armor (with the chainmail it is not exposing but very form fitting) also looks good

    • You’re welcome! I also just got a new PC and just vanilla’d my game so I’m back to modding square 1 :D Finally get to try out those performance-killing ENBs! I’m also 99% sure that armor is the Shadow Fang armor that comes in the TERA armors pack for Skyrim. Looks really HD up close :)

      • Gotta say so far I’m loving this play through. I installed the HD textures, Pure Weather, Real Water Two, Frostfall, iNeed, and a few other immersion mods and am trying to run it as role-playingly (and without cheating) as possible. Makes it a whole new game almost!

  3. This is awesome! I’ve been looking for a list like this for ever! So many non-skimpy lists are just boring plate armors but this is exactly what i like!
    Ashara Princess of the Woods is an armor i think you might also like!

  4. Love the list , finally found a cool armor set for my battlemage, so thx. Would you mind telling me what sword that is with the Faraam armor tho? I cant seam to find it for the life of me ..

  5. Hello,
    when I click the link to Rogue Sorceress it lead me to a retexture. I’m guessing the original file was removed for some reason, is there any other way to get it?

    • I was able to find it on a Russian website. Jumped through hoops to get it. Seems to be 0.4, so I’m not sure if that’s the latest one. Should I try & throw it up on Google Drive or something?

  6. Wow! This is excellent. I don’t mind sexy as long as it doesn’t distract TOO much from immersion & lore, and this list of yours fits that exactly. Nexus is inundated with pervy “armors” that barely qualify being called ‘two strips of material’.

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