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Dragon Age: Inquisition Multiplayer Zither the Virtuoso Infinite Mana Glitch


Well, today I stumbled upon my first god-mode glitch in Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer’s new Dragonslayer DLC.  This bug gives Zither the Virtuoso mana that never depletes, meaning you can spam his powers infinitely without waiting to recharge.  That means infinite barrier and infinite fireball attacks (fire chord).

Here’s the video I took – you can tell I didn’t realize the glitch was happening until a third of the way through the clip :)

It basically started about 5 minutes into round 5 against the high dragon on Threatening. My Virtuoso was level 11 and I was basically just running around playing with the trebuchets on the map (dicking around while my team was fighting the dragon – sorry guys!) … and then I noticed after I was knocked down while turning the trebuchet that I had infinite mana.

No idea what causes this glitch or how to duplicate it, but you can be damn sure I’m going to figure it out.  This is the first useful glitch I’ve seen and reminds me of the infinite missile glitch on Mass Effect 3 multiplayer.

Has this glitch happened to you, and do you know how to do it on purpose? Let everyone know in comments!

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  1. It just happened to my group. Noticed it as we were about to summon the dragon in the 3rd area. Needless to say, the rest of the run was a cakewalk. I just wish I could figure out how to replicate the glitch. Infinite barrier and fireballs is a lot of fun ;-) – Schmenkman

  2. In The 3th round of The keep i died just once and when i got up my mana was infinite. Note: We were surrounded by enemyes

  3. You probably know this already by now but it occurs when a keeper (with the passive mana surge) casts her barrier on the vert and you allow it to decay naturallu. Ideally, you both sit still while it decays. This can be done immediately as you load in! Enjoy.

  4. Ever done the 100% crit glitch with rogues? Or my new personal favorite, unlimited Duelist’s Swashbuckle x4 damage!!! I’m on the bottom of the leader boards doing around 1k with my basic bolt attack (thanks Hakkon) but this glitch allows my swashbuckle attack do 16k consistently and since you glitch the elusive its at no cost to you! OPAF ;)

  5. Im wondering about the damage/crit glitches that is, add my gamertag Filius Ultrix if you’d prefer responding there. Thanks man! Looking forward to a response!

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