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Nerd Alert: Fallout 4 Was Just Announced!!!


… and I am freaking the fuck out!  OMG I’ve been waiting for a new Fallout for sooooooo long!  Here’s the trailer:

Supposedly, the new game is set in Boston (my hometown, wut wut) but it’s not confirmed, and frankly you can’t really tell the location from the trailer announced this morning.  Ok apparently I don’t pay attention to details but it is most definitely Boston, hehe:


There’s no expected release date, either, but it’s been 7 damn years since the last Fallout game … I hope it’s soon!


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  1. Of course I am the first, who else would be? XD
    We will be spending like 500 hours playing with it and I hope you mod the heck out of this, too darlin’ !!! XD And I want to see zillions of GPG tipz videoz with audio commentary!!! XD

  2. If Fallout 4 and Mass Effect 4 come out at the same time, I may just end up losing my mind from the sheer magnitude of awesomeness!

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