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Dragon Age: Inquisition Multiplayer Dragonslayer DLC Full Guide and Tips


Well, by now you might have downloaded the Dragonslayer DLC that came out this morning for Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer. And you might have realized that the learning curve for this DLC is a little steep. So here I am with a full guide on the new DLC and some tips and tricks to help you along the way!

First off, let’s start with a little video clip of me destroying a high dragon on Perilous just so you know I mean business:

You should already know that there is one new map, three new characters, and a dragon in the new DLC. Read all about it here.

And now for the things they don’t tell you but you should know:

1. There have been some major improvements in inventory control and skill trees

Now you can select multiple items in your inventory and bulk destroy them for parts. Yay!  You can also craft respecializations (under “Weapon Crafting”) to redistribute the points in your skill tree for each character. That means no more grinding until Level 20 to try out new powers, whew!  But make sure you don’t craft the respecialization unless you’re 100% ready to change your skill tree, because the effect is immediate and you don’t get to hold onto it and use it later.

2. You must manually download the DLC in order to get the new map of Fereldan Castle.

I know that seems self-explanatory, but actually if you don’t manually download the DLC and start your multiplayer anyway, your game will auto-update with a patch to make the new characters and dragon call crafting available (at least on Xbox One) but the new map will not auto-update.  So, if you’re wondering how to get to the Fereldan Castle map, that’s step number one – download the actual DLC from the store.

3. The Fereldan Castle is WAY harder than any other map.

Enemies will spawn over and over again, probably about 4 or 5 times as many enemies than the other maps.  And they come from all directions, not just in front of you.   Be warned.

4. The Arcane Warrior is no longer god-like.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still the best character to solo Perilous and the Fereldan Castle with, but they nerfed the Spirit Sword to do less damage and use up more mana. The days of spamming DPS are over, sigh.

5. This is how you call a dragon:

Step 1 – Craft the dragon’s call in your “weapon crafting” menu. Use your shittiest Tier 1 materials. You do NOT need to equip this item in your inventory, you only need to craft it.

Step 2 – Go to or create a lobby at the Fereldan Castle. Choose your dragon (or leave it on random).

Step 3 – Start the match and battle your way through to the end of Zone 3.

Step 4 – At the end of Zone 3 before you head through the door, you should see a big gong. If you have a dragon’s call in your inventory, you should be able to press your controller button to hit the gong.

Step 5 – Once you hit the gong, your dragon’s call is gone. You’ll have to craft one every time you want to summon a dragon in a match. It’s also gone even if you don’t make it to Zone 5.

Step 6 – Battle your way to Zone 5. Fight dragon. Kill dragon.

6. But don’t even bother killing a dragon, you don’t get diddly squat for it!

I’ve killed a few of them today and supposedly according to Bioware’s blog post, you’re supposed to get a loot drop (for Perilous, the chances should be good that it’s a purple unique item, says Bioware) … I haven’t gotten ANYTHING in a drop after killing a dragon. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Also, there isn’t even a Prestige Icon, Title, or Banner that you can earn by killing a dragon. It’s all a lot of effort for no gain.

7. Some of the new character powers are glitched or bugged.

I’ve unlocked all the new characters and so far I like Isabela (the Duelist) and Zither (the Virtuoso) the best. That being said, some of their powers are bugged. In particular, Zither seemed useful as a great support character with his heal on kill Sing-along power … but it’s bugged so don’t bother. And Isabela’s Gangway power (though cool) occasionally throws you through walls and off the map. Those are the two major ones that have happened to me already … for a full list of DLC bugs, see this thread.

8. The new characters have different gameplay mechanisms that might need some explaining:

Isabela (the Duelist) – to make the most of Isabela, you need to combo her Vendetta attacks (Bolt, Broadsides, etc.) with her other power attacks (Flashing Steel) to build elusive. You do this by setting Vendetta active on an enemy (you’ll see a little skull and crossbones floating over their heads when it’s active) and killing them with something like Flashing Steel. You’ll see three circles at the bottom of the screen that fill up gold every time you earn an elusive … elusive stacks and adds power to your attacks, and some powers (like Swashbuckle) will use up all your elusive.

Zither (the Virtuoso) – player with Zither is kind of like playing Guitar Hero. Every time you want to use a certain power, you need to press three buttons in the right order, and the Right Button to execute the power. This is great because the “powers” you upgrade in the skill tree don’t have to be mapped to the buttons like every other character. Also, this character literally plays music as you’re tapping the combos, and that’s pretty effing adorable.

Skywatcher (the Avvar) – You can basically charge this character with an elemental power and have it apply to a non-elemental attack. You’ll see the two circles on the bottom that will change to whatever elemental power you have stored up for your next power attack.

Check back later this week for my recommendations for best Duelist, Virtuoso, and Avvar builds!

9. What are the new weapons in the Dragonslayer DLC?

Bioware assures us there are some super rare dragon weapons, but I’ve spent 50,000 gold on chests and have yet to see one thus far …

That’s it for now – I’ll keep updating this post as I discover more handy tips to share with everyone.  Check back soon for updates and leave a comment if you have anything to add :)

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  1. Although they should allow more loot from the high dragon, I think I read in the patch note that the killing 10 dragons achievement counts every high dragon, so I think they meant the multiplayer too. If you don’t have it by now, that is.

    • That’s good to know – I think killing the high dragons in multiplayer is a lot easier than in single player. I just wish there was a title or banner or portrait to unlock in Multiplayer though!

      • Are they easier even on Perilous? I must admit I haven’t played that yet but I did play the singleplayer on max difficulty.

        On that note when do you think people should stay playing Perilous?

  2. Sooo…. After defeating like 10 dragons on various difficulty levels I can confirm 1 (en, uno, eins) drop of 2 items (this was on threatening, not perilous though). The drop was “Staff of The Dragon”, level 16, blue… Got salvaged immediately so I cannot hint on the stats… :) It was shitty… :P
    The dragon’s item drop is either bugged or it is extremely rare (which is almost as bad as the first choice :)). Currently you need to open about 3-4 large chests to craft the Dragon’s Call hammer (to have the required amount of materials – if you had not had them stockpiled already per se) so until the drop rate is not fixed there is little to no point in hunting dragons (it is not even that big fun aside from the rare times when you actually can hit it with the ballistae :). Considering everything if you are into farming gold or XP you are still better off with the old maps IMHO.

    All the best,


    • Quick update: today I had another drop from a dragon. It is only native speculation but as it seems it needs to be the on the ground when killed to gain any loot from it. Killing it while airborne or sitting atop the ruins seems to be negating the drop completely. But then again I am just speculating here…

    • Ultra-rare drop from perilous dragon kill (on ground, front of the party :D) confirmed.
      Lvl. 24, Sword of the Dragon, 212 DPS, 15% attack, 8% CC, 9% HoK, grip customizable… :P
      This is my last addendum on the topic, promise… :P

    • Perilous drop: unique lvl 24 staff: staff of the dragon. Damage on mine is fire 79. a friend has damage of 81. Both have plus 41% attack and 6% heal on kill.

  3. As of this point, unique dragon weapons drop from perilous runs and are by far the strongest weapons ive seen in game. Each run ive done on the dragon has given me loot so far personally so maybe that was patched? Ive only gotten a few blue dragon weapons from threatening but my friend just got a unique greatsword the kicks every other ones ass.

    • I’ve killed about two dozen dragons on perilous at this point and have only gotten 1 shield of the dragon :( le sigh. It’s a good shield in terms of pure stats, but it doesn’t have any cool bonus powers … I find that I get better loot on Threatening than Perilous so far, in so far as I get shitty materials on Perilous only and blue items on Threatening. I saw an Elementalist rocking a staff that was disintegrating enemies and one shot killing them … I want that!

      • This was so cute again… XD There is no such staff… XD I mean magical instant killing shit… XD There is the Staff of the Dragon with extremely high (78-82) base damage and +41% attack. If you combine that with a high level mage with a mage class with +50 promotions it will still not one shot kill on perilous (at least it does not for me XD) but will definitely do nice work in thinning the enemy lines.
        Getting “shitty materials”: the new drop system automatically breaks down duplicate (those that you already have in your inventory) weapons to materials (aka autosalvage).
        There is no reason to go dragon hunting on other difficulty than perilous if you want ultra rare drop. Period. It will never drop on routine or threathening, sorry.
        My stats on about 30 perilous dragon kills: 1 longsword, 1 shield, 2 daggers, 1 staff. Still missing the greatsword and the bow, so there is reason to go on… :P Don’t give up gorgeous… :P

      • Lucky! For me, on about 20 perilous dragon kills, I’ve only gotten the shield. On Threatening I got a bow of the dragon, but it was only a terrible blue item :( I’m going to do a Virtuoso build video and dedicate it to you, Arnie! :)

  4. I just got on today since the expansion and got the Staff of the Dragon and the base was 130-135 DPS plus 48% attack and 13% heal on kill…also got a rare version but really low stats. I think there are various versions of the same staff?

      • The “Dragon version” of the bow has high DPS, high ATK+ and HOK but still fires one shot so you will not find it as handy in close encounters (or fighting large enemies like in dragon battles) as the Griffon. The Griffon’s strong hand is actually 3x damage which is hard to match by anything that fires a single shot (even a very strong single shot).
        There are Rare and Unique version of the dragon weapons. If you want the purple ones only fight dragons only on perilous as those are not dropping on lesser difficulties.

    • I also got the Staff of the Dragon but the attack was only +30% and +10% heal on kill! I think I still prefer the staff that has a chance of casting Veil Strike even though it has less damage.

  5. yah i think so, i also got a bunch of the same name/color type of weapon but they all have very different stats lol

  6. OMG! My friends and I were just playing Fereldan Castle, and at the start of the map, sitting on the big pillar island thing behind the spawn, is…. A GIANT CHEESE WHEEL!!!!!!!!

    • And I just checked online, it looks like no one has noticed this, it’s not on the wiki for easter eggs, the ferelden castle, nowhere.

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