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Skyrim: KS Hairdos 400 Download Mirror


**UPDATED 11 AUG 2015** It’s back on Nexus! Get KS Hairdos renewal here!

I’ve gotten a few messages to see if I could share the banned-and-removed-from-NexusMods KS Hairdos 400 hairstyles pack for Skyrim.  Well, ladies and germs, your wish is my command.  I’ve uploaded it for you all to my Google Drive and I will ALWAYS leave it up no matter how many nastygrams I get!  KS Hairdos is, IMHO, the single best hair mod for Skyrim, period, dot.  The sheer variety of hairstyles is staggering, particularly for the oft-overlooked male characters in Skyrim!  To not share it would be a loss for ALL OF HUMANITY.

I hate that the original creators (Shockyy, Kalilies, and Stealthic) of the mod keep getting their shit taken down on Nexusmods because some of the hairstyles are ported over from the Sims.  Especially given that they went to lengths to get permission from almost all of the original Sims creators – it’s just one bad seed that got them in trouble.  See, this is why so few of my Mass Effect mods are on Nexus – it’s just so much less stress to host them myself.

I get so annoyed with NexusMods because of the way they police the mods on the site.  Personally, I think if proper credit is given to the original creator, you should be able to alter/add/port the mod and share your version with everyone.  There are so many Mass Effect mods that are on that site that are “stolen” or “borrowed” from my mods but I don’t care.  I wish more modders had the same laissez-faire attitude about people building upon their work.

Anyway, here is the download link – enjoy!

**UPDATE 4/8/15 Here is a second link in case the first one gets overloaded**

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Do you use KS Hairdos?  Let me know in comments!

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  1. Ladies and “germs”… XD XD XD Let meg guess – you broke up with your BF… Tell me about it… >D
    The stuff still looks awesome, though…

  2. -cough cough- Apachii hairs are ported from the sims, but you see those mods being pulled…

    Nexus… Where favorite creators are favoured and great creators are not.

  3. Thanks for this…and wow 913MB O.o? Still downloading it. By the way is this only KS Hair female collection or is both male and female included?

      • Please do? :D My internet is really bad 90% of the time and it keeps failing. :( I know a torrent file would (eventually) download so for people like me that have less than ideal internet services like me; it would be a lifesaver.

    • I know, it was taken down on virtually every other site (mega, rapidshare, nexus, tumblr, etc) and I was so frustrated. I think it’s just my site and some sketchy Russian site that have it now :)

  4. You…are awesome
    No more bald characters for me! – Thank You =)

    I have a ton of people interested in the torrent version best get it up and going.

    Btw, the first image in the article makes for a brilliant screenshot. The face mesh is done exquisitely and the armor…well, its a perfect setup.

    Anyhow, thanks again. You truly are awesome

  5. Hmm The 2nd link that your provided, work but I can’t extract it at all, its in the 7zip format, but its in Winrar type file, which got it corrupt.

  6. Oooh 400 hairstyles~ I’m looking for a certain hairstyle that I had on my skyrim character a few months ago that spontaneously disappeared, hopefully this hairpack has it :D

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