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A Swanky New Layout to Celebrate Spring!



***UPDATED*** Ok, ok!  I get it!  You guys miss my N7 red and gray color scheme!  Thanks for all your feedback – I updated the template colors to my old colors, so hopefully your soul is soothed now :D

Hey everyone!  It’s been well over a year since I last update my blog theme so I thought I’d give it a brand spanking new look.  It works better on mobile now and loads faster so I hope you guys like it!  I also think it is much more visually appealing and easier to share and navigate my posts.

Hopefully, the new look will also inspire me to post more often :P

Let me know how you guys feel about the new design in comments!  Or, alternatively, you can also rate this post using the stars below :D




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    • Haha my friend made me the logo, not convinced I love it yet. Or the color scheme. We’ll see if I keep it! :)

  1. I dear to say that my soul is still not soothed my fair lady. Could you compose a poem regarding the color scheme mayhaps? That might help to easy my soul deeply troubled by baby blue… XD XD XD

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