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Random: High Fashion x Fandom Logos


Here’s a little something to change things up – I made a series of high fashion x fandom crossover logos for a friend who wanted something special for her birthday.  As you may have noticed from past posts like my Dolce & Gabbana x Mass Effect crossover edits, I have a thing for haute couture and gaming (which makes me doubly poor, spending my money on designer stuff and video games, ha!).


I’m not selling anything with these logos on them because I don’t want to get sued to death by major fashion labels.  However, you can download the full-size transparent png files here FOR FREE and get them custom printed on t-shirts at Skreened.com or Uberprints (cost $15-30 depending on what you get). :D

Do you like these prints?  Let me know in comments and share a photo if you have one!

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  1. Ingenious. XD Well executed, clean and blending perfectly with the original themes. Big thumbs up and a literal LOL from me… XD

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