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Dragon Age: Inquisition Multiplayer – Best Keeper Build for Perilous


To round out all the mage builds I’ve shared, here is my favorite Keeper build to use on Perilous!  The Keeper is best for team play but with this build, it is by no means purely a support character.  Using this build, I’ve duo-d Perilous with a Legionnaire pretty easily before (and as we know, the Legionnaire can’t do damage worth anything).

You can watch the video below or keep reading for more details!

I like both of the Keeper’s starting powers (Barrier and Chain Lightning) so I tend to keep them through each level up.


The key to the Keeper is to get Barrier spec’d out as best as you can.  Unlike the Arcane Warrior, you can feel free to go get Strength of Spirits to add 50% to your max barrier, since your barrier will go to full each time you use it so there won’t be a barrier deprecation rate penalty.

Chain Lightning is great for stunning enemies.  It also helps with crowd control if you upgrade the power all the way – and if you wear the Enhanced Chain Lightning Ring (+30% damage), it does a fair bit of offense as well.

Another power I like to get is Static Cage.  It does a decent amount of damage but more importantly, it offers some amount of crowd control.  Also, it looks cool :)

My last power I like to spec out is Frost Step.  Frost Step not only helps you get away from enemies, it also makes you briefly immune to damage and lets you deal frost damage to any enemy you cut across.

As for passives, get all the passives that improve your Barrier!  I also like to get more offensive passives as well because it’s not fun playing a purely support character – you want to be able to deal damage and take down enemies, too!

What kind of build do you use for your Keeper?  Let me know in comments!


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  1. I just want to say that your article about best keeper built for perilous was absolutely helpful! Thanks at this Point ? it was also Fun to listen your Voice in your vids !?

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