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Puzzles & Dragons: Infinite HP/ATK/RCV/Skill Hack – No Jailbreak


Taking a break from Dragon Age: Inquisition to share a useful exploit I found for the mobile game Puzzles and Dragons.  (It’s still in the Dragon family, right?!)  Anyway, so Puzzles & Dragons (PAD) is super addictive and fun – it’s like Pokemon meets Bejeweled.  The game must be good because the company who makes it reportedly rakes in $2M per day!  So yeah, don’t feel too bad about using this method :)


iFunbox (to edit your iPhone files)
PAD Editor (to edit .bin files) – note, this program is in Japanese not English, sadly

This hack does NOT require jailbreak!

Optional:  If you’re too lazy to edit the .bin yourself, this guy keeps pretty up-to-date with providing the latest bins for North America, Europe, and Japan that gives you 800x HP/ATK/RCV and 0 damage taken (god mode).  You can just download his and skip down to step 6!


Every time PAD updates their app, they overwrite your existing bin files, so you will need to re-do this hack each time there is an update.  Ok?


  1. Make sure your PAD game is not open on your phone.
  2. Open up iFunbox and navigate to the Documents folder.  You should see a bunch of numbered bin files:
  3. Copy “data021.bin” and “data036.bin” to your desktop.
  4. Drag the bin files over to the PAD Editor to open them in PAD Editor.
  5. Follow the instructions given here.  There are some nice screenshots that translate the Japanese to English.
  6. Now that you have the new bin files, drag them back into the Documents folder in iFunbox, overwriting the originals.
  7. Now open up Puzzles and Dragons in your phone and you should see all the boosted stats in your Monster Box!


Q: Will I get banned for using this hack?

A: People have been using this hack for over a year.  Not saying you won’t get banned someday, but so far it hasn’t been a problem.

Q: Can other players see my hacked stats?

A: No, your stats only affect your own phone – all other players will see and experience your normal stats, so don’t worry about anyone reporting your glitched characters.

Q: How do I revert back to the original stats?  I’m so bored of one-shot killing everything.

Just delete the edited .bin files in the Documents folder and re-open the game.  The game should generate new .bin files that give you the original stats when you open it.

Q: Is this illegal?

A: No, you are not hacking anything server-side, you are only exploiting the stats on your own phone.

Q: I don’t trust these Japanese sites.  Can you post your bin, GPG?

If you ask me for my latest bin in the comments, I will post it for you, but I won’t make a practice of continually posting them on my own – it’s just too tedious to keep up to date :)  Also, my bin will only work for North America.

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  1. I know this has nothing to do with the post, but is there anyway you’re able to create one of those tutorial videos for armor/clothing mods for Mass Effect 3? Followed your in-video instructions for hair mods and it worked perfectly. I’m a bit of a visual learner so it would be great to actually see what you have to do, rather than read. Would appreciate a reply and hopefully you can help me and the rest of us n00bs out. :)

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