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Adonis Hair


Adonis Hair

Make your MShep look super sharp with this sexy haircut!  There are some weird transparency issues with this one where the hair doesn’t look very good in lighter colors – be warned.  If anyone can fix it, please let me know!  Ported from the KS Hairdos for Skyrim.

Download the mod here!


**If videos tutorials are easier for you to follow, go here!**

Installation instructions for MShep

If you use this mod, please consider donating to girlplaysgame.com – I will always provide mods to everyone for free but I could really use some help maintaining the site servers. Thanks for your support!

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  1. Is there anyway to give Kaidan this hair? I so badly want this hair on him, but it says something about it crashing the game if I try to install it over his :(

  2. Hey! Just wanted to thank you for this. First time using a mod that’s not in the game (used Brooks and Allers’ hair on FemShep before, but never something not included in the game files), and I gotta say I’m impressed. My first reaction was to LOL, and I really mean out loud. I was so used to seeing my BroShep with a buzz cut that it completely surprised me to see him sporting such a meticulously sculpted do.
    BroSheps are tremendously hard to make attractive and the hair choices they give you in the games don’t help at all. That we can do something about it in ME3 is a blessing.
    So although he’s far from perfect I like him a LOT more now. A few angles look bizarre, but it’s not the hair, it really is the damn facial features you have to work with. But then I get little moments like these (http://imgur.com/TD5kFdd + http://imgur.com/Hc3AtNB) and I wonder if Tali has a way to wipe drool from inside that helmet of hers. Gonna replay my gay Shenko adventure with this gentleman later on as well, maybe play around with eye and hair color.
    THANK YOU for making my Shep so much hotter :D

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