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Skyrim: 9 Mods to Transform Skyrim into the Ultimate Tropical Adventure


If you’re like me, you spend more time modding Skyrim than you do actually playing it.  Here are 9 mods that will make Skyrim seem like a completely new game set in the jungle instead of the wintery north.


Tropical Skyrim

This is the original Tropical Skyrim mod that turns all of Skyrim into a jungle environment.  It even retextures birds to be more colorful!


Climates Overhauls: Tropical Edition

This is a different tropical Skyrim mod that also achieves the jungle-look.  It  even changes the animals to be more tropical-friendly (like pandas instead of regular bears!).

If changing the whole entire Skyrim game isn’t your thing (or your computer rig isn’t beast enough to support the super-high grass density required for tropical mods), you can always try these mods that basically create single locations that are tropical-themed:


The Oasis

If you want to visit a tropical oasis, this is a great mod that has many different areas for you to explore.


MJY Mysterious Island

This mod gives you a tropical island to explore, complete with ancient Aztec ruins and even its own underwater Atlantis!

And now for some mods that add creatures befitting of your new tropical Skyrim:



Use this mod in conjunction with Climate Overhauls or by itself.  It adds all sorts of new animals into Skyrim – pandas, tigers, warthogs, hyenas, and even dinosaurs!  Because nothing says “tropical Skyrim” like killing some pandas.


JG Monsters

Add some super cool fantasy monsters to your Skyrim game!  My favorite is the tree monster pictured above … reminds me of bulbasaur :)


Colorful Dragons of Skyrim

This mod makes the dragons in Skyrim colorful and vibrant to match your tropical scenery.

And of course, no tropical Skyrim is complete without some jungle-worthy armors – I’m gonna trust you guys to find you own skimpy armor mods for the hot jungle weather, but here are a couple of my favorites:


Deathbell Princess

Want to blend in with the tropical foliage?  Done!

TESV 2014-05-25 11-42-57-65

Vanille Armor

This port of Vanille’s armor from FFXIII looks great in tropical Skyrim, especially if you equip some steel arrows and a bow!

Have you tried a tropical Skyrim runthrough?  Do you have any mods to recommend?  Let me know in comments! :)

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