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Ashley Armor Variations



Ashley Armor Variations

Let’s face is, Ash has some hot armor.  I made a bunch of different colors to suit your needs.  Requires ME3 Explorer.

Download here!

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  1. How do you install these? How do you know what file goes with what? They look cool but what do I do with them?

  2. Hello! First of all – awesome website, great mods and tutorials! I was able to improve my game a lot thanks to them, for which I thank you ^^

    I have one question regarding Ashley’s Armor – is there any way to have this armour WITHOUT the helmet at all times? I already installed the mod that replaces one of the full body armours with this one, but like with all full body armours, it has a helmet that I can’t switch off. Is there any way around it? I don’t care if the armour has no battle stats or anything, I just really want to wear it for my all HD textures/screenshot taking playthrough. If there’s any advice you can offer me, I would be really greatful!


      • Thank you very much for your reply! I was reluctant to download and install MOAM because it replaces the Coalesced file (and I have mine modded with all the stuff I wanted in game), but in this case I’ll just merge the two…or see if the helmets-off mode works with mine ^^ Thanks again!

  3. Ok, the difference between “ash_spec_cthk.dds” and “ash_spec_fbda.dds” hasn’t been obviously stated, but i’m gonna guess and someone confirm or discount:
    FBD refers to armour yes? CTH i know refers to a spacer outfit in casual wear yes? So cthk is specialised for clothing and fbda is specialised for armour. I just hope it isn’t meant to be specifically for FBDa or CTHk cuz i want FBDi (Ajax armour) replaced.
    Here goes nothing…

    BELOW is a link to all file names pertaining to casual wear, armour helmets and weapons. CLICK IT!!

    icanhas codes ^_^

  4. I know the last post is a while ago here but hopefully someone is watching :)
    Does anyone else have a floating weapon issue, the guns don’t stick to the back of the armor, its quite jarring when playing.

    Anyone got a fix?

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