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Merry Fracking Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Hello, my most favorite people ever!  I will be gone on vacation for the next couple weeks – won’t be back until the week after New Years.  So if you leave a comment or send me an email, don’t think I hate you because I don’t respond.  I’ll get to it when I come back, promise.  No one have a modding or hacking emergency while I’m gone …

And for everyone who has donated (all 5 of you!) thank you for supporting this website!

Hope you all have a lovely holiday and a wicked sick nasty New Years full of debauchery :)


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  1. Merry Xmas and a happy new year for u, Girlsplaysgame and thank you for an interesting site, but…I would like to read your “Protected: Personal: Sexism and Gaming, or How I Learned to Hate the Word “Feminism”. How do I get a password ? Best regards

    • gpgsays is the password … I locked it because I was getting a ton of hate for my personal opinion, so be warned, if you are a super feminist or social justice warrior, it’s best not to read :)

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