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Mass Effect: Happy N7 Day Everyone!


Hope you’re all playing some ME3 multiplayer in celebration of N7 day :)  Bioware made this tear-jerking video for us fans (I could literally listen to the voice actors all day long, especially Raphael Sbarge/Kaidan Alenko):


What are you doing for N7 day?  Let me know in comments!

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  1. One hopes N7 Day shall go on annually for many more years.
    It has been a strange, long journey they put us through; hasn’t it?

  2. I got an email from you on N7 Day! I started out N7 Day with less than 1000 credits (still trying to max out my manifest), but feeling good about the day, I decided to try my first Platinum solo (Geth Trooper, Giant, Reapers). I got picked up early on, but my flame DoT got the Banshee to put me down, and I resolved to play better. Got lucky with objectives and successfully completed the solo. I spent the rest of the day doing Jade/Cerberus speed runs to amass another 2 million credits. Really great day!

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