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Mass Effect 3: 6/6/6/6/6 Build Glitch


Updated May 28:  Ok, here’s the awesomeness for my loyal readers – you can get any of the new characters to have maxed skill trees (6/6/6/6/6 build) with this new glitch.  It only works on the new Retaliation and Reckoning characters – here’s what you do:


1.  Make sure you spec out the powers how you want them up to level 16- level 19 (the glitch can be done on any level but the most effective point distribution seems to be at level 16 and above) ideally, on ALL the new characters from the last two DLCs.

2.  If you want to save money, level up until you’re just at the cusp of getting to the next level so you don’t need to buy as many packs.

3.  Buy Recruit packs (guaranteed character cards but less XP) or Reserve Packs (decent chance at 250k character cards) until the class you want to glitch levels up.

4.  Go to the character that just leveled up and you want to glitch – all the points you’ve already spent on your skill tree will be refunded and you can continue to spec out the rest of the powers.

5.  You can then immediately switch over to another character you want to glitch IN THE SAME CLASS and get into the point glitch with that character as well.  You can do this with all the glitch-able characters IN THE SAME CLASS.


1.  Play with the character you want to max out until you reach at least level 16.  Be sure to spec all the points into that character as well as others you want to glitch in the same class.

2.  Switch to another character in the same class and play one game (ie. if you want to level up your Turian Soldier, play this next game with another type of Soldier), making you level up.

3.  When you return to the lobby after leveling up, switch back to the character you want to max out and go to its powers.  You should have a bunch of new points to distribute now and be able to max out all skill trees.

4.  You can only do this glitch if you stay in the SAME lobby, so you might want to do it as host.

It is important that you have already spent skill points on the character you want to glitch with, otherwise it won’t work.  Also, you want to be “refunded” enough points to max out the rest of the skill trees, which is why I recommend you play to at least level 16 before you try to level up using cards or games.

You don’t need to get the actual character card of the target, you can get any card in the same class to level up (ie. Krogan Shaman Adept will apply to your Volus Adept as well and initiate the glitch).

You can promote your characters to “undo” the glitch, but why would you want to? :)

Also, if you level up beyond the next level, it will say you have negative skill points to spend, but your skill trees will remain maxed out.  If you don’t spend your “extra” points before reaching another level, they will reset to normal.

Do you love this glitch?  Let me know in the comments!

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    • Do you mean the medi-gel transmitter? It brings your other downed teammates back to life if they’re standing within range – at level 5, it’s 30m. Helps if you’re all downed at the same time.

      • No I have just had this glitc happen to me with my TG and ive had it happen a couple of weeks ago with my volus addept also ^^ so Wtf, still no complaints here xD

      • dumb question, so it dont work on the EARTH DLC? so no N7 right? i ask because they are my favorite characters to play as

      • Yesterday I got EVERY character from the last two DLC packs glitched EXCEPT the Asari Huntress (infiltrator) and Asari Valkyrie (sentinel). I did a mass promote (setting them all to lv1) and leveled them up with cards only. For some reason those Asari never glitched….the Huntress came close at one point, but then fell short at the end. Also, the Krogan Shaman (adept) finally got his last skill filled by right at lv 20.

        Other than those three characters, the rest of the characters from both the Retaliation and Reckoning DLCs glitched just fine by lv17.

      • I know exactly how to do it 100% with all the new characters. I have all of them capped. You’re instructions are slightly incorrect also

      • You don’t have to buy any character cards so save the credits. just play as the turian (or any new retalliation character) you want and level him up to 16. Then switch to another character in the same class ( example n7 destroyer or n7shadow). Play one match to Level up to 18. After the match When you get back to the lobby immidiately switch bac to your turian an the points will be bugged. I hope that makes sense :)

      • Your instructions for method 2 missed a crucial point and prob why the soldier didn’t work. You have to promote from level 16 to 18. If you over or under shoot the level 18 it won’t work sometimes. I have both Turkana am adepts maxed this way

      • No, I did it exactly from 16 to 18 and it didn’t work for me. The second time I tried after promoting through again, it worked at level 12 for me, but that meant it didn’t give me enough points to spec out all the powers. I did it with the infiltration from level 19 to level 20 and it worked, so I don’t think the level actually matters.

      • That’s weird. I’ve gotten 100% success rate that way. Sorry it didn’t work. I’ve only tried 4 times total since I was 4 for 4. I thought that was for sure it. Anybody else have any luck that way?

  1. This is the best ME3 site ever. I did this glitch with my turian ghost to lvl to max. I also did the glitch where you get 2 gears. So my turian has 9 stim packs and rifle damage. I put inferno rounds and did tech burst all day. It made gold to easy

  2. I want to do this glitch for my turian ghost infiltrator. Now, I am currently at level 18 through normal playthrough. Can I still do this glitch, or do I have to promote and start over?

    If I do promote and start at level 1, do I have to play with him consistently to level 16? And another thing, once i reach level 16, I have to level up 2 levels (to level 18) in one game? That would mean I have to level up 16 so it is close to level 17 in order to reach level 18 in one gold match?

    • I did this glitch with my Turian ghost – I was at level 18, played one game with him until he reached level 19, switched to Salarian infiltrator at level 19 and played one game with him to reach level 20, then I got refunded 28 or something points, enough to spec out the rest of the skill trees on the Turian Ghost. I don’t think the level matters, as I had this happen to me at level 12, 18, and 19 for various characters. I think the key is to play with the character you want to max out, play with another character in the same class to level up once, then switch back to the original character and spec out the extra points. I would do gold or platinum to ensure you level up :)

  3. @ valhalen. This is what i did. I promoted my infiltrators 1st. Then I played silver with my ghost until I reached lvl17. Then i switched to my shadow. I played one silver match but we all died at the extraction wave. because of that i didnt make it to lvl 18 so i bought 3 recruit packs. that helped me get to lvl 18. I switched back to my ghost and it worked. So if you dont make it on lvl up by some packs. it should work. mines did

    • Your method worked. Ironically, after switching to another character and trying and joining a match, we lost too and I had to rely on the Recruit Packs (though took me around 7 packs to get the Level Cards).

      Thanks a bunch!

      • Yeah, so you can get leftover points, since the glitch calculates around how much points you’d earn with level up but multiply them, overwriting any non-spent points.

      • I see… It’s that I saved the points for the last Volus Training upgrade for the Volus Engineer because I was indecisive (between Weapon Synergy and Weapon Weight), and now the extra points are negative (and can’t be spent), and they don’t fix with level ups…

        I guess I’ll have to Promote and do the glitch again… (I was hoping to use the Scorpion heavy pistol and still maintain the 200% recharge speed) =S

  4. I got it to work with the Asari Valkerie, just not the way it works with other characters. By getting adept up to level 16, spending her points then leveling adept up to 18 then switching back to the asari I get almost enough points. I’m off by 12 points. When I level to 20 though she is maxed out completely.

  5. I did some tests and realized some things that make it work, based on what Joe said up there:

    • 1: You just need to play at least one match with the Retaliation characters, no need to level up. But it’s recommended to have the specific class at level 16, at least.

    • 2: After that, switch to another character of the same class and level it up. You don’t need to level it on a single match, works fine if you take more than one match.

    • 3: Switch back to the desired character and you should have the refund points.

    • Note: If your Retaliation character is not capped and you wish to reset his/her powers, using a Reset Powers Card and doing the trick above again works fine.

    • After doing some more tests I realized why the glitch sometimes doesn’t work even if you do all the steps correctly:

      • After leveling up with class and switching back to the desired Retaliation character of the same class, you must NOT leave the Waiting Room. If you do so the bug will not work and you have to gain another level.

      • If you’re not the hosting the matches and the host leaves, you won’t get the glitch either. So if you want to make sure the glitch works, host the crucial game (when the class is about to level up around level 16).

      • Another info I tested and confirm: it’s possible to have multiple Retaliation characters from the same class with 6/6/6/6/6 builds.

        In order to glitch more than one character, just make sure the class you’re playing doesn’t hit level 20 before the glitches are performed, for example:

        • Let’s say you want both Turian Havoc Soldier and Geth Trooper Soldier with 6/6/6/6/6 builds.

        • First perform the glitch with either character (order doesn’t matter), like I explained above: play the Retaliation Character once, switch to another of the same class, switch back, level up.

        • Make sure that leveling the desired character doesn’t get you to 20, after all we’ll need to perform the glitch again.

        • After your desired character got the glitch, just perform the same thing with the other character and vòila!

      • After running a few more tests, I found out more stuff:

        • The glitch prompt still works even if you leave the Multiplayer mode and re-enter; you don’t have to do the whole procedure again (join match, leave match, switch character, join match, leave match).

        • It’s possible to glitch multiple characters from multiple classes AT THE SAME TIME (though it’s not garanteed to always work). In order to do so, simply “activate” the glitch prompt and level up the characters. Works with Experience Cards.

  6. UGH! This is so confusing!!!

    So am I supposed to reach level 16 WITHOUT assigning ANY points at all?

    Or should I assign them all once I reach level 16, switch characters and level up, then switch back to the original character???

    • No, you spend your points on the desired character to bug each time you level up.

      Let’s take your example:

      • Level up X class to 16, using Y Retaliation character you want to glitch.
      • After that you spend ALL the points on that character, and switch to Z character of the same class.
      • Level up Z character once and check your Y character. Make sure you DO NOT leave the Lobby. If you’re not hosting and the host leaves, you’ll screw up the glitch, resulting on negative talents points that cannot be spent.

  7. This glitch is really awesome, I Was wondering if it’s possible to level up two or more characters of the same class. And also if you did the glitch, and then promoted that character, would you Still have the maxed out powers of the one you glitched or would those powers reset too? And if you already glitched a character, and then brought a pack, and got a new character of the same class, would you be able to max out all of their powers too, or would you have to promote that class and restart? Also could you possibly make a video both the methods so it would be easier to follow?

    • Yeah. You can do all 3 characters. I glitches every one of my retalliation guys. Don’t promote. Use respec cards to change and mess with non glitches characters. Never promote. That will reset And you’ll have ro start all over again

  8. When you are trying to glitch multiple characters are you aloud to use the characters that you want to glitch while your trying to get to level 16 so you can glitch them.

  9. Has method 1 been patched? I tried it out recently and it didn’t give me full specpoints. Method 2 still works fine and always has :)

    • Thanks for the heads up! :) One of my friends told me the same thing and it makes me mad. I fail to see how they can ban for a glitch that they created and unless you actively post in their forums, you really have no way of knowing is “bannable” … Bioware would be better off fixing the glitch than whittling down their already dwindling multiplayer gamer base …

    • Really? That sucks… But like permaban? I searched BioWare Social Network and found nothing about this statement, could you link the topic?

      • I might have found it, I believe its listed under the ‘item X’ glitch. They dont mention the 6/6/6/6/6 glitch by name, but ‘Item X’ glitch is, and I quote ‘Using anything in a fashion that gives a player an unfair or otherwise normally unobtainable advantage’ they dont say WHAT this is exactly, but essentially its a blanket term for anything you can do thats outside normal paramaters.

      • They should work on fixing that then, instead of banning people, otherwise their already low Multiplayer public will decline even further. Or just allow all classes to cap their talents and make the enemies harder, would be mroe fun.

      • That would require actual work and effort, which given how the laid off all their admins on the forums seems very unlikely at this point. Its easier for them to just whack people with the ban hammer than actually fix the issue.

        In their defense (which is a RARE thing for me to take up) it could be a very difficult thing to fix depending on where in the code the issue is. I use to be a computer programmer (mostly just repairs) so I know just how big of a headache this can be. Having to go through source code line by line and find a single digit or single line of bad code can take a very long time, more than is worth at this point given the low number of players the game still has.

        Of the three titles, Mass Effect 2 was the only game where you could actually max out ALL of a characters points without cheating, of course by that point the game was easy even on Insanity. In this case making the enemy AI smarter would be more difficult than fixing the code issue as you’d have to write new code from scratch and insert it into the existing data.

        Over all, its just more time and money effecent to ban people, sad as that is to say.

  10. Found a loophole for multiple characters. Proceed as you normally would to to get a character to 6/6/6/6/6. Once you have applied the levels switch to another reckoning or later character and you will have the bonus points on them as well. I was able to do this for the Volus, Krogan and Collector adept characters all at the same time.

  11. Is there any way to get this to work on the Earth characters? I tried it once and was unsuccessful but maybe I was doing it wrong.

  12. I can’t get this to work! Can someone add me on Xbox an walk me through it or tell me what I’m doing wrong.

    • Yeah, I can help you out if you want. My gamertag is TheGamerTrainer and I’ve successfully maxxed out my juggernaut, krogan warlord, volus and asarii for the setinals. Working on spec. out my destroyer next. Sorry for spelling mistakes. I’m in a hurry.

      • Quick update. I’m able to update every one of my new characters except for the paladin and the cabal (which I don’t have) Hit me up if you guys need help with this.

      • You can’t get the N7 Paladin glitched, only characters from Retaliation and Reckoning can be bugged. About the Cabal, you just have to keep trying.

  13. Does anyone know if this can be done on any other character? Such as a Human Soldier? I would really like to know If its possible. I want to have him at 6/6/6/6/6 too.

  14. OK, I want to did this with my Geth Trooper but I’m having problems for some reason. When I play as the character I want till level 16, do I spend the skill points as I level up or leave them blank till then? When I switch and play as different character to level up, do I spend his skill points as well? Before or after I level up my Geth? And do I have to stay in the match lobby in order for it to work or can I leave to the main lobby?

    • 1. Yes spend all the points up to level 16 – make sure you spend ALL of them or you might not have enough to max out the rest when you activate the glitch. 2. It doesn’t matter if you spec the points in the other character you play as. 3. Yes you must stay in the lobby or the glitch will fail. Because of this, either be the host or do what I do – level up in the main menu with Recruit packs. They will always give you a character card and you can usually get enough points from those to level up within a few packs. Once you do level up, switch to the character you want to glitch and there should be a ton of points to spend!

  15. I was able to do this, I just have one question I want to ask any and everyone. Has anyone ever been banned? Cause I’ve been reading all over the web to see if anyone has, and I can’t find anyone. Some people are saying it’s banable, but I haven’t found anyone who has. Bioware also says they ban people, but never for what, and especially during these ban waves, but they never release statements saying how many or why.

    • I’ve been using this glitch since always (ever since it was discovered with the Volus Adept/Engineer and Turian Ghost/Havoc) and never got banned. And now that BioWare is no longer releasing patch fixes, it’s very unlikeable they will ban anyone.

    • It actually works on any level, but it’s all a matter of luck. I once got 15 extra points from level 1 to 5 after a single Bronze Match to glitch a Volus Adept. You tend to get less points in lower levels, though, in theory.

      It all depends on the character too, for example, for some reason, sometimes you’ll only get 6 to 10 extra points per level with the Asari Valkyrie while glitching her.

  16. Happened on accident for me on my Turian Ghost a few nights ago. Have been able to do it with my Quarian soldier and Jugg as well. It’s not 100% though. Not sure what the random bit is, but it seems to work most of the time.

  17. so i take it as….you cant glitch every char in the classes…ive been trying to do it with my n7 shadow…only tried once atm and it just hit 18…so far no luck

    to my understanding i have to:
    play as my shadow…after that game i select a different character in the same class (doesnt really matter which i do it for?)

    play a game with the 2nd character and level the class up by end of match

    then in lobby head back to my shadow and the points will be there?

    • I tried with my N7 Fury and my N7 Shadow, but it doesn’t seem to work with these ones. I’m gonna try with my N7 Slayer, but I’m pretty sure it won’t work either. But it work with other characters. I think the Earth character cannot be glitched. Kinda sad :(

  18. oh ok….thanks for that guys…just wanted some clarification…a couple sites i read said you could so wasnt so sure about it…but thanks for the clarification…appreciated

  19. The glitch doesn’t quite work as described. You don’t need to play the character class you want to glitch for it to work. Here is what you can do –

    1) Spend the character points on all the other characters in the class you want to glitch.

    2) Host a game so that you are not at the mercy of someone who can drop the lobby. If you do a solo this is not a problem. If the lobby drops your points go with it.

    3) Play and level up as one of the old earth characters in the class you want to glitch (doesn’t seem to matter which, just don’t play as one of the characters you want to glitch). Ideally at around level 16, but you can get the extra points before this.

    4) At the end of the game DO NOT exit the lobby!

    5) Go to the other characters. If you see the extra points then that character is subject to the glitch. If you see them don’t they aren’t. Spend the extra points on the characters and confirm. You MUST do this on the first look. If you don’t spend them right then they won’t be there if you go back. You can do all the characters subject to the glitch in one swell foop.

    In general the Turians, Volus, Krogan, and Geth seem subject to the glitch and the Asari, Vorcha and humans don’t seem to be.

    • This last statement is not true – It is only characters from the last two DLC that can get in this glitch … it is not race based. Thus, the Asari Valkyrie for example can be glitched but the Krogan Soldier cannot.

      I find that the easiest thing to do is save up a bunch of credits and raise levels using character cards. That way you can glitch multiple characters at a time without worrying about hosting or connection issues. I have every single character glitched out from the last two DLC that way.

      • I have yet to get the Asari Valkyrie to glitch and I have tried all the listed methods.

    • I’ve gotten the Asari Valkyrie and Huntress maxed out … keep trying, it’s worth it – they are very Platinum worthy characters :)

  20. Hey does this glitch still work, recently got back into playing gold and this would offset the buggy mechanics and make the game more playable. Thanks

  21. As awesome as this glitch can be, I don’t recommend using it. Why? I’ve noticed that as of late playing on a glitched character (or someone playing with one) will actually glitch powers for other people on the team, causing them to not work properly (for example, I had a friend who had one glitched, and I couldn’t get my annihilation field to prime properly. the minute she swapped out, it was fine).

  22. I want to respec a kit for solo’ing instead of teamwork, but I’m worried this glitch may not still work if I promote. Is it still active?

  23. I have a question about Method 1. I want to be able to glitch all the retaliation/reckoning characters in the same class.

    Do I have to play as the character I want to glitch from level 1 – 16 or can it be a stock/earth character?

    Can I play games in different lobbies (leave lobby, join another) as I level to 16?

    Once I reach level 16, do I spend my skill points that I earned on each of the characters I want to glitch in the same class before buying packs? If so, when do I do this? Right after the match or can I leave the lobby to the main menu to spend skill points?

    Where can I access the store to purchase packs – game lobby, or main menu?

    I would appreciate some clarification, thanks for your help!

    • Joe, If you’re on xbox I can show you my method, but be warned, I think it can glitch your bioware account and result in game freezes. I’ve found a way around it but it’s quite annoying.

  24. Updated: Promote the class you want to glitch (optional, but doing this way ensures maxed skills). Play as the N7 Character for that class. After the game when you level up, switch to the characters to the RIGHT of the N7 in that class, and spec their skills. Spec the N7 last, and repeat.

  25. So I glitched the characters and then deleted some DLC so I could increase my chances of getting UR weapons. When I reinstalled the DLC and started the game up the game freezes at the main menu. I tried to promote to get rid of the glitch but it still didn’t work. This happen to anyone else?

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