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Mass Effect: Top 10 Best Mass Effect Crossovers


What’s better than my favorite video game series?  When it’s mixed with something else I enjoy, obviously.  Mass Effect crossovers are like a fruity cocktail of nerdy awesomeness and here are some of my favorites:

10.  Mass Effect x Star Wars


I mean, this one is pretty much like peanut butter and jelly – above artwork by Zarnala.  Not exactly unexpected but definitely delicious.  Also, fun fact, the voice actor for Kaidan Alenko (Raphael Sbarge) is the same as for Carth Onasi in Star Wars: Knights of the Republic!  I could literally marry his voice alone.

9.  Grass Effect: Plants vs. Reapers


If this were a game, I would hands down buy it.  Please please please someone tell me that this is going to happen IRL.

8.  Mass Effect x Final Fantasy


It’s strange to see the effete characters of a JRPG butched up in N7 armor but I’m running with it …

7.  Mass Effect x Kingdoms of Amalur


Here’s another promotional crossover where you can wear N7 armor in your Kingdoms of Amalur game.

6.  Mass Effect x Dead Space


.. And yet another promo crossover.  Though, this one is cool because Dead Space almost feels like it could be part of the Mass Effect universe.  I like to imagine that it’s a Mass Effect horror movie.

5.  Mass Effect x Jersey Shore


HA!  Not really a crossover, but sooooooo true.  Allers and James definitely live by GTL.

4.  Mass Effect x Battlefield 3


This is a cool crossover because you can actually play as a Battlefield 3 Soldier in the Mass Effect multiplayer.  Also, the Battlefield-style Mass Effect wallpaper picture above is one of my absolute favorites.

3.  Mass Effect: The Last Supper


I like this one’s attention to detail – all the poses are pretty much dead on and appropriately, The Illusive Man = Judas.  Well played, good sir.  Click here to check out more work from this artist.

2.  Mass Effect x Halo


These two games are a natural fit for a crossover.  The guy who created the above artwork also does some other cool crossovers like Mass Effect x Community (the tv show) – click here to check them out.

1.  Mass Effect x Dragon Age


Obviously, both these Bioware games are perfect for a mash-up.  AndrewRyanArt does the best crossover with his Dragon Effect series.  Love that the Normandy is a dragon and that biotics are mages.  You should check out the artist’s page – there are so many detailed Dragon Effect renderings that look amazing, particularly Legion, Thane, and EDI!


There is also the awesome Blood Dragon armor available in the Mass Effect games as a promotional item from Dragon Age – if you’re playing as a biotic, it is THE armor to wear.  Plus, it looks super badass.

Anyways, there you go.  I can only hope that Dragon Age 4 will have some nice Mass Effect easter eggs.

What is your favorite Mass Effect mashup?  Let me know in comments!


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  1. I think seeing Reapers in Skyrim would have been cool. Like a battle in space over head with a Reaper and The Migrant Fleet. And Collectors coming for Dragonborn like Ardat-Yakshi. Krogan bring mistaken for Argonian. Tali shotguning bears. It would be glorious.

  2. Wow thanks for featuring my work, i’m honored. The feeling is mutual, your blog is pretty awesome! I’d totally be down with any cross promotion link exchange, I could add to my featured links, I’ve already liked the post and your fb as well, and I will make my next blog post about your top 10 mass effect crossovers. Sound cool? I’ve also done a Mass Effect/Avengers but that one probably wasn’t as cool. Thanks again! Keep up the great work.

    • Sounds awesome – always love finding another blog that is well-written and has great content. I also added you to my featured links (bottom of page) – I love your creative work! :)

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