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Mass Effect 3: N7 Weekend Operation DETONATOR


Individual Goal: Earn 20,000 Biotic Explosion points on any map at any difficulty. You will need to kill the enemy with the explosion for the points to count. Points are cumulative across matches. Extraction not required.

Reward: Commendation Pack

This seems straightforward enough.  I think I’ll be using the Drell Adept for this – his Pull/Reave combo is so fast and instakills any little guy.

How will you be doing this challenge?  Let me know in comments!

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  1. Considering Dark Channel jumps from enemy to enemy once the target dies, N7 Fury or the new Asari Huntress should work fine too. A single solo Bronze should be enough. =)
    I played the new Asari (and already tested and managed to bug her for 6/6/6/6/6 build) and… She’s quite nice! Since Asari are squishy, Tactical Cloak helps to keep the low profile, and she got double DoTs with Dark Channel and Warp, woot!

  2. I’m all for N7 weapons, but it seems like these challenges are getting almost too easy. Any relatively good player should be able to complete this in a few silver waves with about any adept, right?

    Anyway, I think I’ll be using my Fury. There’s something satisfying about running right up close with AF on, punching an enemy in the face with Throw (Cannibals in mid-hug give me maximum lulz), and watching him explode. It never gets old. :D

  3. I’d actually recommend pull (radius) + cluster grenades with +100% damage to lifted targets. Either three ranks into reave or none. I respeced my Drell like this for the pull challenge. Yes, he will be incredibly squishy, but with Grenade capacity V, you can blow up all the things before they can kill you. The damage you can deal with this combination is insane, and with a ~1-1.25 second recharge on pull, you can do it non-stop. Just remember to stop off at every ammo box you pass, so you don’t run out of grenades. Probably a good idea to do that with any character that uses grenades… or ammo.

    • Forget that idea. Apparently that doesn’t count as biotic explosions for some reason. I got a measly 618 points toward the challenge doing that. I guess I’ll be dusting off Ms. Fury now…

      • Well I had over 25 biotic kills, but only 4 biotic explosions (hadn’t gotten any since getting Biotic God). A few just died from pull, but I’m quite certain the vast majority died from the massive biotic explosions I was setting off every few seconds. Oh well, at least we can track our progress now, instead of just hoping we completed it.

      • I went old school with Human Adept and it was pretty easy, took me a single Silver Match against the Geth to get all 20k points.

        1: Cast Singularity in a crowd.
        2: Use Warp to detonate it.
        3: Use Shockwave to detonate Warp.
        4: Repeat.
        5: ???
        6: Profit.

        (I’m not sure if everyone will get this reference)

  4. Dig your blog and the comments.
    Ran a 2 person Silver with my Asari Valykrie and their Asari Justicar in Reactor Hazard with Reapers.
    Got ours by end of 10th wave.
    20K seemed way too low.
    We figured they might have made it low to get some BlOp2ers back for a quick reward this wknd. Who knows.

  5. Took me 2 gold matches as well. I love the new and improved commendation packs.

    Always on the look out for new ME3 players. Feel free to add me: COMPANIONxCUBE on XBL.

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