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Mass Effect 3: 4 Dec Multiplayer Balance Changes


This week’s balance changes and new characters are out:

Unlocking Male Quarian Marksman Soldier and challenge

New hazard maps available this week are Firebase Ghost and Firebase Giant

Stimulant Pack Power
– Base damage bonus decreased from 10% to 5%
– Base max shield bonus decreased from 2000 to 1200
– Evolution 5 weapon damage bonus decreased from 10% to 8%

Havok Strike Power
– Base cooldown reduced from 10 to 8 seconds
– Base damage increased from 500 to 600

Acolyte Pistol
– Base damage decreased from [420.2-490.0] to [378.0-441.0]

Saber Assault Rifle
– Base damage increased from [427.9-534.8] to [460-575]

Valkyrie Assault Rifle
– Base damage increased from [114.2-142.8] to [119.9-149.9]

It’s a sad day for Turian Ghost Infiltrators being completely invincible with Stimpaks … it’s also a sad day for the Acolyte – I really don’t think it needed more nerfing at all.  Le sigh.  Haven’t played yet with the Quarian Marksman but I’m not super excited about it because it’s just so weapon-based and Sabotage never works very well for me.  **Update**  Ok, just played some Platinum with the new character and I’m not super impressed.  I used a Piranha X which basically only allowed me to empty out two clips before Marksman wore off (I spec’d for damage, not duration).  Sabotage was all but worthless to me – I think it may have stopped one Pyro in its tracks and that’s it.  I also tried the Harrier IX with it and though it raped enemies, I ran out of ammo completely with each Marksman use even though I had on the spare ammo clip.

What do you think of this week’s changes?  Let me know in comments!

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  1. That Acolyte nerf was completely unnecessary. Sad, sad, sad.
    The Quarian Soldier is ok. I like how he can stack multiple damage bonuses with Tactical Scan and Sabotage. Since he depends on his cooldowns very much I’m using the Hurricane and Acolyte. It works ok.

  2. Im going to use the valiant and hurricane, not sure about sabotage really so im skipping it for my first run. Pretty pissed about ghost stims. My friends will like the saber and havoc strike buffs though. Im just glad to be rid of glacier hazard.

  3. I really miss when it was DLC instead of weekly characters. I like the race to get alll the new Characters and weps with my friends.

      • Since BioWare have a lot of characters for this DLC, I guess it makes sense release them slowly, but I wish it was like 2 per week instead of one.
        Regardless, the new classes aren’t that awesome save a few (Volus Adept, Turian Infiltrator, Geth Soldier, etc).

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