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Mass Effect 3: 14 November Multiplayer Balance Changes


This week’s changes are out:

Vorcha Hunter Engineer kit now available as a new Rare card

XP and Score Rewards (applies to points earned for Challenges)
– XP/Score bonus on Gold difficulty increased from 40% to 60%
– XP/Score bonus on Platinum difficulty increased from 60% to 100%

Shield Gate
– Cooldown between getting shield gates decreased from 4 to 3 seconds, meaning you have to wait
less time before you get your shield gate back.

– Decreased the chance that enemies will spawn close to annex objectives

– Fixed an issue causing the Turian Soldier challenge to give too many notifications

Yay, a week without nerfs.  Also love that they hopefully fixed the shield gate and enemy spawning problems.  Now to experiment with the Vorcha Hunter … judging by its powers (bloodlust, incinerate, submission net), it’s going to be one of the weakest new character releases yet, so I’m not terribly excited.  I don’t understand why they wouldn’t give it Flamer instead of incinerate – that would have made it much more fun.  What do you all think?

Any opinions on the new stuff this week?  Let me know in comments!

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  1. Hah, I had a guess they would release the Vorcha Hunter Engineer, but I’m a bit disappointed they replaced Flamer with Incinerate… But who knows, maybe it works nice with Bloodlust, plus it can detonate Submission Net, right?

    • No flamer :( I hope incinerate makes up for it. Having him set up to self detonate does sound pretty cool though, give him a reeger and scorpion maybe? He sounds more like a sniper class now though. Does bloodlust have anything that effects powers? I cant remember :s

      • Yes, Bloodlust Rank 5 (Power Damage) increases the Power Damage by 5% with each stack.

        I like Submission Net a lot, I think it fits the Vorcha perfectly and makes him more capable of handling agile armored enemies than the Batarian Soldier. Set that on Dragoons and Brutes, combined with the fast movement of the Vorcha and detonate with Incinerate.

        I think Reegar Carbine and Scorpion/Acolyte is a good combo, though Cerberus Harrier as a secondary weapon seems nice too.

      • So he could actually become one of the best tech detonators in me3. I agree submission net will be amazing in combination with a vorcha, think net+heavy melee on a close combat build. Incinerate with the extra burn damage would be pretty sweet for a heavy melee combo aswell.

    • I think this is relative, since all “armor” powers (Blade Armor, Fortification, Barrier) except Tech Armor grants Shield Recharge Rate +15% if you evolve into it. So Krogan Soldier/Adept/Vanguard, Geth Trooper Soldier and all Batarians have potential of +30% Shield Recharge Rate.

  2. Managed to glitch bug the Vorcha Engineer for 6/6/6/6/6 build, so he is confirmed too. I wonder if BioWare will fix this glitch… Personally I hope they never do. =X

  3. Also glitched my Vorcha Engineer with the 6/6/6/6/6 build… I am somewhat conflicted about the Vorcha Engineer… I still much prefer the Soldier and Sentinal, as they have flamer, but this Engineer is the only one from the retaliation DLC, making it the only one who’s stats you can max out. Still trying to decide whether or not having maxxed out stats with incinerate as a substitution for flamer is worth it…

    I’ve tried many different guns on it, and I have to say that I agree with whoever said that it seems more so like a sniping class… Rather fun to know you have a character that can use a sniper rifle, and still have the stamina due to bloodlust to go toe to toe with a platoon of dragoons… I always kept the acolyte as my standby for such situations simply because if I get caught up in enemies with shields, they don’t stand a chance…

    As for tech detonations, I can’t necessarily say whether or not the class would be good for that… I have submission netted countless enemies and followed it up with incinerate without tech detonations… Then again, sometimes it would, but I attribute that to playing with other characters who also have tech powers…

    The only reason I support Submission Net is because it can be layed down as a trap, which can be particularly good if you camp, or are trying to funnel enemies into a certain area… I spec mine out to do damage across 6 meters every 1.5seconds to help locate Geth Hunters and/or stun other enemies, to prevent myself or a group I am playing with from getting overwhelmed…

      • Indeed, though I honestly don’t think Drell Infiltrator will surpass Drell Adept. Can’t beat Reave + Cluster Grenade, it’s pretty damn beastly combo.

      • Yeah I have been trying to get hold of him, I nearly choked when my friend told me he was out lol. I want him so bad! He is definatly a gadget guy. How are you finding him?

      • Honestly I prefer the Adept and Engineer. Decoy is awesome, but I don’t like Combat Drone at all. The lack of direct offensive Powers is a bit weird.
        I wanna play the Volus Protector Vanguard. He’ll have Biotic Charge, Biotic Orbs and Shield Boost. Little ball of fury charging and healing!

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